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Eemo Cloud by Jessica Emmett Online Release

Like we said previously HERE around 3 months back, the artist who presented you all “Draffi” comes her latest creation, “Eemo Cloud”! Singapore based, Jessica Emmett has been working on “Eemo Cloud” and we are already loving it even though it’s not finished. Reading the story behind it made us want Eemo Cloud even more. Fast forward to the present day and Jessica has release date! Your chance to own one of the anticipated release Eemo Cloud alongside a wide range of Jessica’s art! one thing that the year 2020 has given us is the birth of Eemo Cloud by Jessica! A glimmer of hope for the rest of the year? We certainly hope so.

I’m just happy to finally be able to put out work has been such a difficult year. But two of my favourite toys came out of this time, Eemo Cloud about mental health & hope and Kattessy the cat panda inspired by love (I know very mushy but its true lolz). – Jessica

This little cloud has a lot of feelings, sometimes it’s depressing but it finds moments of joy and hopes even on the rainiest days.

It’s super satisfying to randomly do a doodle and hold it in my hands days later. The novelty never wears off! Tbh most of my toys have been based on quick doodle ideas that I’ve just been like yes ok I’ll do that.

I’ve wanted to do a toy based on mental health for a while and inspired by my recent custom for Anatoy, I thought ok why not make an actual toy with this simple concept. You know I’m not gonna pretend to be the best sculptor I’m really not, but I try to make it work for me within my abilities. But as I always say what I lack in sculpting ability I make up for in sanding persistence.

Still needs to be molded. The undercuts may pose some casting issues but I’ll try it out first to try and keep that drop effect before I consider smooth out the undercuts.

Either way I’m happy with this little one. i feel it has a lot of potential – Jessica Emmett

For us, the story behind Eemo Cloud is the icing on the cake as we love the sculpt and what Eemo cloud represents. For now no estimated release date, but be sure to check back as we will update you as soon as we can.

I’m thankful for this little cloud character (working name “Eemo Cloud” lolz). Its been really helping me express my feelings and being able to work on art that express mental health is important to me right now! Really wanted to do an animation to reflect how I’m feeling. Super fatigued and unmotivated mostly with fleeting moments of okness and the cycle repeats.

Hugs to everyone as I’m sure many of us are going through this. I know the general people’s productivity is low and that’s ok! I still think people are working to the best of their abilities given the circumstances that we all find ourselves. I’m proud and inspired by you frontline or just still expected to work. Mental health is just as important as physical health so please take care. – – Jessica Emmett

Jessica is ready to formally introduce Eemo Cloud! 

I’m sure some of you know this already but it was inspired directly by the Anatoy custom I did that had a mental health theme. I often explore depression & mental health in my work and I liked that raincoats often are used as metaphor for depression & emoti9ns. But despite being a long term manager of depression myself I always see light & hope on the darkness even on my darkest stormiest days. And I loved the metaphor so much I thought I’d make the theme of the custom into a simple but cute designer toy. The original custom had rainbow rain so it felt fitting to do the first colourway as rainbow.⁣

But this has toy has become more important as it was developed & made in pretty trouble times. Its been a source if hope for me… a small spark keeping me going in isolation (which I have really struggled with mentally). Its been an important outlet to express my emotions during this time.⁣

Its called “eemo” with 2xe cos it’s extra emo, like I am in general hahaha.⁣

Thanks everyone that followed the up and down journey of this little one. Its helped keep me motivated and not give up.⁣ – Jessica

WHEN: Tomorrow (21 September 2020 ) Jessica will be dropping the biggest eShop update as well as running a parallel Eemo Cloud & Kattessy chance to buy via a lottery… yes that’s a double toy release on top of a major shop drop.

You can enter both (or one) of the Eemo Cloud/Kattessy lotteries from the same google form here from now until friday 25 sept 10pm Singapore time:

Listing Jessica Eshop will go live tomorrow, Monday 21 September 10 pm sg time until Monday 28 September 10 pm Singapore time (or until stocks last)

People have been asking me to make things available for awhile but I put it off due to the pandemic. Im only now feeling a little more able to leave the flat (as im in a high risk group), so for practical & fun reasons, im going to be making my eshop a time limited one week event and the lotteries open for 5 days. This means I can collate all the orders and do them at the same time (late sept/early oct) so to minimise my outside time =).

Molding/casting materials i use have increased in cost here in sg due to pandemic & so has delivery costs which does reflect in my current prices. Also many of my works have taken a more detailed direction at times and while some of the pieces might be small they are highly detailed using difficult techniques at times which also does reflect in the prices. I hope you understand

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has stuck around despite me having not released anything in ages! It’s a scary time for artists and I appreciate everyone’s support & encouragement.

I’m pretty nervous about this rather last minute drop cos i just feel so out of the loop… but I couldn’t go on hoarding all my own toys forever, its time it gets into the world.

Find Jessica at Facebook and Instagram.

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