Deadly Delivery NECROPILE

Deadly Delivery, the all starts toy making machine by Retroband, Zectron, and Vilesore, just announced a new release.

Following the line of the classic MaBa toys and all that vintage horror some of us here at TTC love, D&D presents NECROPILE, sculpt by the newest member VILESORE;

An impressive cast an sculpt. Giving us not only the MaBa vibes but also chills from ‘Tales From The Crypt’ or the Vault of Horrors… You know… The good stuff. The amount of detail in this small bad boy is out of this world, VILESORE and the boys are on top of the game.

Available this Saturday at

[box title=”Important Details”]

Price: N/A ($25/$30 based on past releases).

Release date/time: Saturday, March 17

Link to Site:


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