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Dollar Slice Bootlegs, the resin bootleg king, is fasting becoming one of the top in the game. Works like the CHROME SLAUGHTERBOTS are amongst our favourite pieces from 2016 (read HERE);

He’s always perfecting his technic and working hard to deliver us the goods. Recently he was spotted hanging out with the Sucklord himself, we guess the kings are planning some kind of world domination;

Quick band promo photo before meetings at warner bros

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But we want to tell you about something very special that’s been happening over at his Instagram that deserves to be known. John is doing regular live feeds where he shares with the fans and the world his life.

You can catch him showing all of his casting and toy making process, if you want to learn the art of casting or are curious about how bootleg toys are made this is a must watch. You won’t believe how funny and dear this dude is.

We can’t stress enough how this is a big deal, there are people who charge for this kind of things. On top of that he will answer all of your questions live. Don’t be shy and say hi if you watch it!

Now go and follow him at Instagram and try to catch him live. Tell him TTC sent you!


For more badass bootlegs check Dollar Slice Bootlegs at Facebook and Instagram.

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