Omen Shibuya

Coarsetoys Omen – Shibuya!

Looks like a new Omen is available. A special Japan version of the Omen – Shibuya! However, this appears to be an exclusive for the Voyages show in Toyko, hosted by Diesel Art Gallery, which is currently on-going. Priced at around £10 for this 3.5inch Omen, you can try your luck by contacting Diesel Art Gallery via email here: [email protected]

[frame align=”center”]omen Shibuya[/frame]

Some info about the show….

DIESEL ART GALLERY presents the solo exhibition of
sculptor duo coarsefor the first time in Japan.
Haunting, evocative sculptures by remarkable artists
who won three prizes at Designer Toy Awards 2014!

In the exhibition “Voyages”, the artistic duo Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk present selected sculptures from their extensive body of work. coarse has received international recognition for their unique style of sculpting, which manipulates wood, resin and vinyl in striking ways. Their sharp edges and smooth curves create the illusion that the figures have been chiseled from stone. Their collaborative art piece Amnesty Freedom Candles recently won a Cannes Lion, and their representative art piece “the Passage” won three prizes at Designer Toy Awards 2014.

In this exhibition, coarse exhibits their special presentation footage in addition to their representative art pieces “Noop World” and “Souls Gone Mad”, and the pictures. Also, a special Japanese version of the mascot owl “omen” from Souls Gone Mad ison sale at DIESEL ART GALLERY during the exhibition.

CONCEPT: Voyages
Through handcrafted original figures and limited vinyl editions, coarse’s three-dimensional visual storytelling captures provocative and sobering moments in which friendships wither, innocence shatters and vengeance lurks in the corners. Each series challenges its observers to connect the links between these moments, rendering coarse’s exhibitions immersive and participatory experiences.

Noop World
One of coarse’s most expansive collections is an existential series whose sculptures exhibit tableaus of lust, deceit, and despair. In this world, noops are creatures that grow on trees and are born each spring. Bewildered by their own existence and unaware of their purpose in the world, they let their instincts guide them. They befriend and fall in love with the paw species, but unfortunately these animals refuse to breed with anyone other than their own kind. A third species, the tentacled nisms, take a liking to noops, but the noops have no interest in their love. These triangulated relationships generate cyclical heartache, and before the noops have any time to rationalise their lives and harness joy from their boundless world, the winter harvest comes and they mysteriously vanish from their planet forever.

Souls Gone Mad
A bestial monster rows a boat that carries a watchful owl and a despondent young girl. A pyjama-clad boy stands resolutely while three curious owls surround him. In a similar pose, the same boy’s skin now exposes his skeleton. In coarse’s most recent series, the duo uses nightmarish imagery as a means of exploring the ways in which we shed our youth and lose our innocence. The juxtaposition of the movement of the rowboat with the stillness of the boy’s skeleton suggests that we can feel the passage of time and our own mortality either slowly and calmly or all at once, but the despondency in both of these sculptures reminds us that either prospect is a grim one.


Artist : coarse
Date : 2014-11-21 (Fri) ~ 2015-2-13 (Fri)
Address?cocoti B1F, 1-23-16, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Web :
Phone : 03-6427-5955
Hours : 11:30-21:00
Holidays : non-regular holiday
Curation : +81
Sponsor : D.D.WAVE Co.,Ltd. / TRNK

+81 is a global visual magazine launched out of Tokyo in 1997. From graphic design to fashion, photography, film, and music, +81 magazine covers creative scenes around the world with a different theme every issue through interviews with artists along with samples of their artwork. Meanwhile, +81 has collaboratively worked with various international designers from advertising to product development and has organized the new creative conference Tokyo Graphic Passport worldwide. +81 recently opened up +81 Gallery in New York City.

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