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Camila Prada Kickstarter featuring TADO!

We have a lovely Kickstarter campaign to share with you this morning ladies and gents! Camila Prada, a wonderfully talented ceramicist based in Stoke-on-Trent, makes her elegant and practical ceramic objects (from mugs to storage jars) into super-cute and charming characters. Take a look below and see the wonderful goodies she has available on her current Kickstarter!

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These are the range of storage jars designed by Camila herself. They feature her signature style of a simplistic retro vibe, mixed with cuteness, then colourfully placed on gleaming white china. They come in 3 different sizes: small, medium and large, and if you can’t choose just one then you can get a bundle of all 3 as one of her Kickstarter pledges (at a nice saving too)!

If these heartwarming designs weren’t enough to sway you then take a look at her collaborative storage jars!

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It’s TADO guys! Meet Porkins, Pingle and Pob, the cheekiest little storage jars ever. They’re so adorable and their two styles just fit perfectly together.

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Next to serve us ceramic cuteness is Loulou & Tummie! These little guys feature their vibrant illustrative style while keeping the colours somewhat muted, which really fits in well with the whole collection.

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The final collaboration is with the endearing Marnie Makes. These glossy ladies are like little jars of sunshine, they’re just so sweet! Just look at their tiny little cheeks!

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Camila has already shot past her funding goal but only has 31 hours left, so if you want to be part of a really wonderful project then jump over to her Kickstarter now and get pledging!

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