15inches of Huck Gee Coming Your Way! Now With Release Details & Price!

Prepare yourself! Huck Gee has 15inches of glorious neon-green resin Blank coming your way. This isn’t to be messed around with neither. Just look how beautifully awesome the new 15inch beauty stands next to the TTC Exclusive Blank below. Such perfection. Much wow.

All we know about this release, other than the colour & size, is that Huck plans to drop this new Blank on Wednesday 6th July. No details on time or price, as yet. As per tradition, we’ll let you know once we hear more information.

**Update on 6th July**

The 15″ Neon Green Skullhead Blank will be available at 8pm BST (noon PST) on Wednesday, July 6th, exclusively at www.HuckGee.com. Each figure stands 15 inches tall, will be signed and numbered, $225/£173 (plus shipping of around $75/£58), and limited to 100 pieces. These will ship in approximately 6-8 weeks.


Huck also had this to say…

[quote cite=”Huck Gee” url=”https://www.facebook.com/HuckGeeInc/photos/a.76670876332.91754.14858971332/10153555481301333/?type=3&theater”]In addition, plenty of you have been asking, I will finally have a new batch of 7″ Blanks in the coming weeks. And yes, I am working on a 4″ variant too. I’ll give you the details once I get them all sorted myself. 🙂

Why 15″? Why not 18″? Why not 20″? Why not 24″? I measured the inside of Ikea’s very popular Detolf display case and realized it tops out at 16″ tall. How you like me now?[/quote]


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