Wartois – Fully Loaded

We featured the work of Andrew Byham and his Wartoise creation at the start of last month, well Andrew is back with a new addition to the Wartoise family “fully loaded”

20131205-053935 pm.jpg
This time round Andrew says “Wartoise caught a lift with Dr Who to the year 40,000 where he made a deal with a band of space marines, bringing some serious ordinance back home with him.

20131205-054129 pm.jpg
This resin figure with Warhammer 40k weaponry, painted to a gunmetal finish in acrylic is available for £50 + P&P from Andrew’s store right now, you can also check out the other members of the Wartoise “dirty dozen” and Andrew’s other work over in his website.

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The Ancients Influence Us Still by JPK

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