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The man with a plan and the artist with his signature texture n depth is back! non-other then ower very own MAp-MAp! This huge Drop will have your mouth wide open seeing him showcase the beautiful layers of texture and flawless paintwork. Till this day we still haven’t seen any other Euro artist have this kind of finishing, texture and a wide range of characters then MAp-Map. He always keeps it FRESH. This time round MAp-MAp utilises 5 different platforms ranging from a Janky all the way to Thimblestump Hollow.

Rhowig and Namlew 

The father and son moment of seeing your future emerge from its branch. Yes, their species is birthed mildly premature into a thick healthy branch and left to absorb some
gathered nourishment from the sun and the soil. This allows the species to grow that little bit stronger, while also letting the mother birth a slightly smaller pup and get some rest before the parenting begins.
I’ve no idea why he took the cart…I’m guessing the punt (official term, as the disk of wood, is popped out at great speed by a kick or thump) was not expected so soon.

Custom 4″ ThimbleStump Hollow Gemnibbler


The wait is almost over. Weeks of carrying and caring, giving way to feeding and chirping.

Custom 2.5″ Pocket Pork Dumpling


The moment is here! Wodery’s baby birds are born! I’m surprised She’s standing after this gruelling journey to birth. As a nomadic species from the moment those eggs were layed up onto her head they went, luckily it’s not been a chased “nogsting” season with only one egg lost to predators. Let’s hope the oblivious chick stage isn’t too risk filled. Wodery will still let them up on top for a few more weeks if danger comes, but at some point, there will be no way to balance those growing mouths and bodies. 

Custom 4″ Janky


People say this guy’s never grown up. He needs to do something with his life. To some extent, I get what they mean. Soff would probably be happier if he stepped out of his comfort zone a little bit. But he helps the people around him, and he always takes the positive out of every moment. So people need to lay off and maybe look at their own lives a little more…but also they’re kind of right. Maybe find a hobby Soff?

Custom 3″ Norton


They could be royalty. That beaten crown and threadbare cloak have been in the family for generations. To find out he has wandered the lands, trying to find his true kingdom. He challenges all wrong acts he finds, just in case he’s home in his realm of justice and prosperity.
So far it’s not going well, although he did find a subject for about a while. Rheonin was a slightly sadistic ruler…so maybe we’ll hope he wanders some more with his good deeds rather than his tyrannical rule.

Custom 3″ Scratch Dudebox


WHERE: MAp Map store

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