The Art Deco Re:Blank Custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Do not re:adjust your monitors, what you are about to experience really is a custom from Jon-Paul Kaiser. Fresh from his Kuro Neko Hattori Taro custom, JPK is taking his talents to a new level with his latest work. When you think of JPK, you think of white & black work. That’s his trademark look but in recent times it feels like he’s drifting into new colour territories. Perhaps someone bought him some new coloured paint for Christmas! Ha!

It’s by no means a bad thing either. Jon has done a cracking job with his latest take on the Huck Gee resin Re:Blank. The Art Deco, with a nod to the Egyptians, was painted entirely by hand with no tape, stencils, guides or rulers. No messing around by Mr. Kaiser!

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The Art Deco Re:Blank was a commissioned custom, so not available to purchase. But you can always drop JPK a message on his Instagram HERE or Facebook HERE.

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Check out JPK on Instagram HERE.

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