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TTC Spotlight: Jackie Harder and the Trillium Forest

For all those on a January diet kick right now, you may wish to look away for a few minutes as we are about to bring you some of the delicious work by Jackie Harder and the Trillium Forest. Jackie’s work is making our mouths water. Craving some sweeeeet sweet resin goodness. Jackie has created an awesome, cute & charming world of art pieces that grab your attention as soon as you lay your eyes upon them. Let us enter the world of Jackie Harder and the Trillium Forest…


My fear of mushrooms would make you think that I find all mushrooms a thing of pure hate, that’s not the case. Well, not always. When it comes to these cute Mushlings by Jackie, how can I possibly hate such cuteness? Not possible!


So at these are a few of the creatures & inhabitants of Trillium Forest, but you’re likely asking yourself what & where is Trillium Forest and how can I visit such a magical place…. great question… let us introduce Trillium Forest….

The Trillium Forest

The Trillium Forest is a place where many magical beings live. It is a small pocket of enchantment and mystery located in Appalachia and named after a native flower abundant throughout it. Like most enchanted forests, it moves around so as to remain undetected and untraceable. Very few humans have ever been allowed to enter as it is home to many precious and amazing critters! One must demonstrate respect and care for the forest and its inhabitants before you are allowed access to this magical place and see all its beauty and wonder. Jackie spends much of her time travelling through the Trillium Forest documenting species she discovers and mapping its whereabouts.

In Jackie’s travels so far through the forest, she has discovered the following regions:

  • Firefly Field – A large open field at the entrance of the Forest. This place gets its name for a reason, at night the walk is completely illuminated by fireflies!

  • The Fungi Kingdom – Hundreds, if not more, magical mushroom creatures live here!

  • The Little Witch’s Cabin – One can find many faerie foods here the Little Witch has created out of her own boredom.

  • The Magic Garden – A small vegetable and fruit garden originally planted by human travellers but now looked after by the Little Witch.

  • The Moonrise Caverns – An area of caves where many Crystal Sprites and other nocturnal creatures live.

  • The Crystal Stream and Falls – A stream that runs through the forest, culminating at a small waterfall and oasis in the heart of the Forest. Many water creatures live here. Even though the water is very clear, the tint of it changes colour throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.

  • The Flower Faerie Garden – A French traveller planted this garden to see if other flowers could grow in the Forest. Now there are many French-speaking [non-native] seasonal flowers growing here!

Remember we spoke about that January diet at the start of our post, now is the time to get hungry… Jackie creates an array of delightful kwaii resin non-edible food art pieces, that gets the belly rumbling for some of the real thing. If it wasn’t for the cute faces on each design, we would have already tried to shove them in our cakeholes.


Cici-choc-chip-cookie-jackie-harderThere are plenty more of Jackie’s work to check out but we think you should visit here Gallery on her website HERE to check them out. Currently, there are no available pieces to purchase from Jackie, but we are going to keep our eyes & ears close to Trillium Forest for future releases to bring you lot the information.

If Jackie’s work has whet your appetitie and made you hungry for more Designer Toys, why not go check out our TTC Mobile App where you can look at beautiful Designer Toys alllll day long via the power of your iPhone (or if you’re an Android user too). Our Mobile App is available to download now.

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You can go follow Jackie Harder and her work on Facebook and Instagram.


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    • Absolutely no problem! Your work is amazing. We saw it on Instagram and fell in love! Please let us know when you release anything and we’ll ensure that we cover it on the TTC blog! Thanks!

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