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Onrust by BowoBaghaskara

A tidy new custom from BowoBaghaskara is coming your way today, and he’s called ‘Onrust’.[frame align=”center”]OnRust_BowoBaghaskara_Jouwe_Marine_Ramdhani_4[/frame]

When you alone, Fear from Nightmare, he’s come for protecting you “Onrust”. He’s not Human/Beast/Ghost, he just a Shadow Warrior.

[frame align=”center”]OnRust_BowoBaghaskara_Jouwe_Marine_Ramdhani_3[/frame] This monochrome protector started life as a Jouwe by Marine Ramdhani and stands at a very proud 10 inches. For a better view you can see a turnaround video here.

[frame align=”center”]OnRust_BowoBaghaskara_Jouwe_Marine_Ramdhani_2[/frame]

If you love the look of this guy then he’ll cost you $250 (around £170), but there’s only one available so email [email protected] if you want him!

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