Latest Custom Work by RunDMB!

One of THE greatest customisers from the UK, probably globally too, RunDMB has been rather busy putting the finishing touches on a whole host of new custom pieces and we figured you’d all be interested in seeing what he has been upto, cos quite frankly, it’s bloody well awesome! First up is a custom Squadt by Ferg…

rundmb-custom-squadt-7Check out the other photos of this fantastic custom piece…

RunDMB isn’t done there though, oh no! He’s also taken on a trio of Punk Drunkers in his abstract style. These 2.5inch Vinyl Art Gacha (V.A.G) are sitting in Broke Ass Collector‘s collection.


If you’re interested in your own RunDMB custom (and you should be), you should hit him up on Facebook or Instagram. I’m sure the guy will be obliged to hear your call.

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