Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Smiley Grin customs

Jon-Paul Kaiser’s latest private commissions have just landed with their new lucky owner. They’re absolute bangers!
They are both Smiley Grin banks by Ron English, the first is “Scribed Murphy” kept alive with arcane sorcery and just a bit of cybernetic technology… and the second is the Joker (from the Dark Knight movie). jpk ron english jpk ron englishjpk ron english

JPK’s signature black and white style with a burst of vivd red works brilliantly as always and the Smiley Grin platform lends itself perfectly for a clinical execution of both the concepts!

jpk ron english jpk ron english jpk ron englishjpk ron english  Of course we can’t have the freakishly wide grin of the Joker without his red lipstick and lucious green locks to boot! Super clean, beautiful details and great concepts realised on the perfect platform for both. This all adds up to another corker from JPK!

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Article by: Rich

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