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Jon Paul Kaiser Stuns With His Original Sculpt-Custom!

Jon Paul Kaiser’s greatness is known far and wide throughout the realm of Designer Toys.  Focusing on precise lines and monochromatic elements, his works portray characters and stories in ways that seem to make them come alive whether they are done on vinyl, skate decks, print… the list goes on! Going back to 2009, Jon had actually created his own sculpt cast in resin!  Well, lo and behold he kept one and we are SO glad he did since he took it back out this year and resculpted a few bits to create his Pilgrim Tortoise. As always, JPK hand painted this fellow with his classic black lines and pops of reds and gold to create this traveling chap. Can you believe it’s only 3″ tall?  How does he do it??? Well, we love this little guy.  Jon tells us “He’s a Wanderer, journeying from place to place, trying to discover who he really is and his place in this world.”

JPK Pilgrim Tortoise 2

JPK Pilgrim Tortoise

This piece is a private commission and, unfortunately for us, not for sale.  HOWEVER…. if you love Jon’s work as much as we do, you’ll head to his Instagram, Facebook, and his shop to keep up with all of his releases.  Have you seen the amazingly realistic Omen customs he did last month?  Go.  Fly.  Go click to his Insta and see them now.



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