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Hexxi @ NYCC + Custom Show hosted by Designer Toy Universe

WELL WELL WELL….the boys at Designer Toy Universe, along with Mike Pipitone are coming at us for an official release of the first colorways of their Hexxi, that debuted at Five Points Fest this June.

Next up are a few AMAZING additions to this unique platform:
FIRST UP…. Inky and Pinky debuting at NYCC (each a run of 30 pieces, retailing for $95) standing at a glorious 5″ of pure resin, these suckers are no joke.

Pinky is a sharp magenta pink (who woulda guessed by the name?!) glitter glow resin, while the counter part of Inky is a sharp Tiffany blue that glows like an atom reactor! (HOLY GLOW-BALLS!)

Now, what is the story behind the names of these new releases? Sort of an easy one:

Mike (Pipitone) and both of us really like Pac-Man and we named the Hexxis after the ghosts because when you see them in GITD form, that’s what we thought they looked like!

Sal Binetti & Abel Cabrera (Designer Toy Universe)

Hmmmm… I wonder, does that mean we’ll be seeing a Blinky and Clyde Hexxi soon? We will have to patiently wait and see!

But, for now, these guys are hitting us with ANOTHER Hexxi surprise…
CUSTOM SHOW @ NYCC!!! (cue the cheers and roars from the crowd)

So far, we have been honored to see the works of Boy in The Corner (with his steampunk specialty), Rick Strohmeyer (giving us a dose of his unique blacklight color schemes) and custom queen Kendra Thomas (with signature detailing). Each of these artists have given a helluva unique take on this one of a kind platform, clearly showing off their skills and style – and showing us exactly why they are the amazing artists we love.

Boy In The Corner

Rick Strohmeyer

Kendra Thomas

Now, we’re still waiting on the reveals of Playful Gorilla, Red Guardian, Nugglife and 3DHero, BUT….something tells me with this line up, we will NOT be disappointed! And don’t fret, The Toy Chronicle will be on top of this custom show to show you all the fine, fine goodies in store!

Head on down to the Tenacious Toys @ Booth #780 in The Block and come see these fine Hexxi in person at New York Comic Con (3-6th October)!

Check out Designer Toy Universe on Facebook and it’s designer Mike Pipitone on his Instagram for more info on Hexxi and its upcoming releases!

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