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Bunnicorns by Haus Of Boz

There’s an invasion coming to ToyCon UK this Saturday, an invasion of cute little cross breads looking for a new loving homes to move to.
Booth number 4 will be taken over by Bunnicorns, who will be traveling there with the help of Haus Of Boz.
What is a Bunnicorn I hear you ask, well we will let Loz from H.O.B give you the lowdown.

Bunnicorns are magical creatures, usually observed appearing in situations of great need. Sweet woodland animals might need help making their nests, you might need help making the perfect sandwich: wherever assistance in required, you’ll find a Bunnicorn with the right expertise for the job. Characterised by their big helpful hands and large central horn, you can’t mistake a sighting.

So below is a list of who you can adopt and what they will bring to your home.

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Sootsteps

You can’t mistake a visit from Sootsteps, and neither can your carpets, or your fruit bowl. Give him an apple and he’s your friend for life.

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Knave

Knave is all about good luck. He is good to have around if you could do with a hefty boost of good vibes. This guy will steal your heart, and probably your tarts, so don’t give him any lip, and don’t leave fresh baking out on the window ledge to cool!

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Bones

Bones is handy with magic and potion making, but has a tendency to overdo the showmanship. It’s all very well appearing in a puff of smoke, but you might want to open a few windows afterwards.

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Crusty

Crusty is kinda spaced out, but that just gives him more time to think. You’re likely to find him in your garden, convening with nature, and talking to your vegetable patch. Just watch those taters grow when he’s done!

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Snowflake

Snowflake is delicate, be careful with her little crystal feelings, or you’ll find yourself out in the cold. Get on her good side and she’ll always be there when your freezer breaks down, or you need a hand with your desserts. Devouring, a speciality.

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Magmo

Magmo is smoking hot. He’s pretty handy to have in a cookery emergency, or if you need to get your socks dry for work on Monday, but no so good with ice cream or snowmen.

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Stompa

You’ll find Stompa wherever you hear massive beats. She’s musical through and through, and she likes nothing more than a party, preferably with a dressing up box, and lots of fizzy drinks. Don’t get in her way once she’s had a few, unless you want to be thrashed in a dance-off.

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Blinky

Binky is a bit of a scatterbrain, but you can always rely on him to pick you up when you’re feeling cruddy. Never give him anything to keep safe, he will lose it down the couch in minutes.

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Dusty

Dusty is a helpful Bunnicorn. You’ll find him reaching under furniture to find toys, treats, keys, anything you lost and forgot about. He’s also a great dancer, good for parties, and all you have to give in return is 10% of the spoils from down the back of the couch. That’s a fantastic deal!

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Cuddles

Cuddles is a big sweet baby. If you need a fast injection of cuteness into your day, she will be more than happy to help you out. She loves sugary sweets, baby animals, and icing little fancy cakes for parties. Don’t let her eat too many though!

Haus Of Boz Bunnicorn Twinklebert

Twinklebert will help you make your dreams come true, specifially if your dreams are technicolour. If you allow him to use any of your paints, for goodness sake, put down some paper, and put on some safety goggles. He isn’t known for his “finesse”.

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