Bukimi Blasters Bukimi Kun (and balls)


There’s something very mystical about Bukimi Blasters releases. Every time he puts up a new piece we get the chills (in a good way). Mesmerising and compelling,  this soft vinyl magic opens 2018 the right way with some one-off pieces;

Two one-off Bukimi Kuns are now available. Painted with metalic purple, dark green, bloody red and black sprays.

Bukimi Blasters Bukimi Kun (and balls) 2
Bukimi Blasters Bukimi Kun (and balls) 3

Covered in cream yellow based on milky blue soft vinyl, seen previously in pieces like the Kichigai Buta;

The classic Bukimi Ball is also back in a similar paint app;

BUKIMI BALL colored 2

All this goodness is already available at bukimiblasters.bigcartel.com. $72 for the ball and $105 for the Kun’s.

Important Details

Price: Bukimi Kun$105. Bukimi Ball $72.

Release date/time: NOW!

Link to Site: bukimiblasters.bigcartel.com.


Follow Bukimi Blasters at http://bukimiblasters.bigcartel.com/ and Instagram.

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