Anti Air Siren, circa 1886 by DeeTen

DeeTen Anit Air Siren front
It is with twirled moustache and doffed top hat that we introduce to you the Anti Air Siren, circa 1886 by DeeTen.
This custom 8” dunny with wings was made for a private commission using Metal, wood, acrylic, clay, and vinyl.

DeeTen Anit Air Siren right side
Creator David Ten says,

I was influenced by steampunk aesthetics and the 1927 movie Metropolis when I designed this figure. This piece along with most of my others are part of a story where they are artifacts from another dimension brought back to us in 1886

DeeTen Anit Air Siren head
As always here are the links you need to keep up with the work of this amazing artist, so get clicking and check out DeeTen’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and webstore

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