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Win McBess London Underground Art!

Bearded French artist, McBess, recently teamed up with Transport for London to create a new poster campaign, to be shown on Tubes & station platforms, along with a short animation to highlight some of the passenger travel habits that can disrupt our journeys, to remind us all that a little courtesy can make travelling better for everyone.

Anyone that travels regularly on the London Underground will attest that a little thought in how people act when they’re travelling will make the journey much more plesant. The short animation can be viewed below….

[youtube url=”″]

McBess also allowed cameras in to his studio, to talk about the campaign, you can watch below…

[youtube url=”″]

Anyways, you’re not here to watch videos, are you? No, thought not.


The Toy Chronicle managed to get their grubby mitts on one of the McBess TfL posters! To celebrate the first month of TTC existance, and because you guys are pretty damn awesome, The Toy Chronicle would like to give away this poster to one lucky TTC reader!

[frame align=”center”]McBess TfL Poster Competition[/frame]

This rare 17″ x 11″ embossed card poster can be won rather easily too. All you have to do to enter is, comment on this post about why you should win this competition. We want epic tales of woe. We want to see awesome anecdotes on how this will change your life forever. We want to see something beautiful.

At noon on Thursday 28th November (The Toy Chronicle 1st month anniversary), all entrants will be placed in to a hat* and we’ll pick the winner!

Keep your onions peeled over the next week as we’ll be dropping tweets over on our Twitter, the odd Facebook status & maybe a little Instagram magic, on other ways you can enter this marvellous competition.

Spread the love,

The Toy Chronicle!


*The hat being a metaphor for our good friends at


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  1. I should win because I am awesome.
    And I had a friend where on the tube home we had to get off at every stop so that she could sick up in the lovely clear plastic bag bins. 8 stops. That was a lot of sick!
    Love Fordy.

  2. Being an avid train user in my teens… & a bit of a drinker, me & my friends often spent our Saturday mornings traveling home on the train, feeling a little worse for wear. One morning I’m sitting across from my friend Jon & he looks up at me. Now, generally I wasn’t so good at reading my friends faces, but on this particular incident, I knew instantly that something wasn’t right. It was like the sickness within him had spoken to me through his eyes. Such woe & anguish & the sudden knowledge, that nothing could stop what was about to happen!
    I jumped up & moved away with hardly a moment to spare, before the seat I had just been in, was suddenly covered in a putrid combination of the aftermath of kosher-easter snacks & harvey wallbangers(AWEOMSE cocktail!). The smell was incredible. We slowly moved up the train carriage in an attempt to escape the stench attacking our nostrils. We chose to get off at the next station, gave Jon a moment to settle himself, informed the station workers about the condition of the carriage we had just left & hoped the scene wasn’t replayed when we got on the next train home.

  3. Because until I saw this post, I didn’t know who McBess was.

    I’d just been seeing Tube art which reminded me a lot of ‘some artist I saw online who did surreal 1930s-esque art’ whose name I didn’t know. I just thought they were really, really similar – I had no idea they were the same person. Now I’ve discovered they’re the same person. And it’s amazing.

  4. At the tender age of 18 I decided it was time to escape the confines and familiarity if my home town Cambridge and seek out greener pastures in the south, south west. Ending up in Cornwall with no more than a skateboard and a suitcase of pants was never my intention but there I was and there I stayed.
    After a short period of meeting the locals and establishing myself in the community I met a pretty Irish girl and after a few drunken nights one thing let to another and we became boyf and girlf (I think that’s how the youth say it these days). We spent many a happy year together, moving through life like a pair of lobsters, claws locked together in a death grip of love.
    One night the combination of some romantic music and a faulty durex resulted in our child being conceived. Every child is a blessing and with her curly blond hair and sapphire blue eyes mine proved that.
    As the years went on the Irish girl and myself started to drift apart and the void of disparity between us grew like an unwanted cheese plant your great aunt gave you, the sort of thing you don’t have the heart to get rid of but it slowly but surely takes over your already cramped living room.
    After a few years of spare room sleeping and drunken arguments we decided to go our separate ways. This resulted in week after week of drunken one night stands and mornings full of regret. Not a great place to be but one you have to travel through to find the other side.
    One cold afternoon in london after a meeting interesting enough to liquidise my brain I found myself sat on the platform in an underground station (I would tell you which one but being a Cornish living bumpkin I have no idea). On the other side of the tracks sat on my opposing bench was the single most beautiful girl in existence. My jaw hit the piss stained floor quicker than a ten ton weight in a looney tunes cartoon. She glowed like an apparition and being a man of damaged ego I though to myself “no way on earth will she notice me”.
    To my surprise as I boarded my tube and looked out of the window for one last fleeting glimps of this georgeous creature she glanced up at me, caught my gaze and smiled….
    I nearly jumped out of my skin with joy and ran across the carriage to get off the train and meet the woman I was surely going to marry and spend the rest of my happy life with.
    The sound of the door closing in my face and the engines kicking in was like a kick to the guts and as the train pulled away I gazed out of the window at her with a solitary tear rolling down my face.
    I spent all that day and the next touring the entire London Underground system in the vain hope of seeing her again but to no avail.
    So to conclude my story I think I should win as I could then put the poster up in my living room, build a bench out of old beer cans and pizza boxes and sit and wait, and wait, and wait.
    One day she may just appear on the other side of the tracks again.

  5. I would love to win this.

    You see many years ago I had a poster like this, and I loved it greatly. Yet when the world was new, and Martin Luther King and Moses come across the great ocean on the Mayflower, so that we may have the freedom to ride our dinosaurs to church on Sundays. My poster was lost. It has been thought to have been seen in many different places, sparking world wars to make the other side give the poster back, alas, it has yet to be found. Even poor Abe Lincoln, as well as JFK lost their lives over my beloved poster. Abe felt that a playwright has used this poster for inspiration, and he went to investigate, as we all know this did not end well for Mr. Lincoln. The enemy wanted to keep the mystic powers of the poster to themselves, and since Mr. Lincoln was so close to bringing the poster home, he had to be destroyed…..Death, and War have ensued for generations due to the loss of my poster. The world would be a much safer and more secure place for my generation and future generations once this poster is returned to its rightful owner. So once it is secure and in my rightful possession I, as well as the rest of you, will be much safer and happier.

  6. I would love to win this because I like to think of myself as a poster, beauty shielded behind a sheet of glass.

    lul. But in all fairness I’m a big fan of McBess and would love this print 🙂

  7. Riding the DC Metro, I envy the civility this sign represents. I need it to know that there are still people out there who are fighting against the barbarians at the gate.

  8. I think I should win this awesome poster because I’m a good person for using the dirty, crowded underground instead of drink driving my car and hurting someone or losing my licence on a night out. Weak I know ….. Gimme !!!!!

  9. Although it’s not Tube related, I’d like to bring you my horrific tale of what just happened on my bus home. A child sat in the seat in front of me dribbled/ spat on the bus window and continued to write on aforesaid window with it, I unfortunately witnessed the whole salivery charade. I would love to own the poster, it will help heal my new mental scars. Thank you.

  10. I’d love to win this because I feel like my life’s falling apart right now and It’d be a ray of light on what is otherwise a shitty situation.

  11. I think I should win it because watching those videos made me miss London and it’s awesome public transport system. Now i’m stuck in a country where I have to drive everywhere. *GROAN* 😉

    But seriously, I do miss having a subway system. And I heart McBess.
    And Bakewell tarts. I miss those too.

  12. Basically I feel my life will be incomplete without it. Also the sound advise found upon it may prevent me becoming embroiled in awkward social situations. So you will in fact be imbuing me with the skills I need to survive in this crazy crazy world.

  13. I should win because I hate London, I dont like the place and I hate spending any ammount of time there. I saw these the other week durring an excruciating 18 hour visit and they were the best thing about the place. I want something that makes me fractionally fond of our capital. Also Mcbess is F’ing A!

  14. When I go to London, I love using the London tube. With the poster, I can be reminded of when I went to London and the good times I had there.

  15. You should encourage social interactions on the Tube! I was a very big advocate for it while I was living in London, simply talking to strangers and making the journey’s more enjoyable (highlights include swapping graphic novels with someone and meeting a girlfriend-to-be). I sadly left London recently, this would be a great commemorative token.

    Great campaign by the way, it’s nice seeing local talent represented in the city visuals.

  16. I want to win this poster so that I can give it to my girlfriend who is a) from England and b) loves McBess’s work. Also, it will look good next to the McBess half mermaid that is on display!

  17. I’ve been going up and down the Victoria line for a whole week trying to find one of these posters. Found a perfect one (this exact one), no damage, carriage was empty, it was go time!
    Bloody thing must be superglued because I ended up ripping the poster after 10 minutes in Brixton clawing at it, chipped my nails in the process too!

    So yeah, if you see a ripped one at the bottom left, that probably has my DNA on it.
    Thanks McBess. I committed vandalism for your art. Worst thing is, I just had a manicure!

    • You’ve totally got to get it right, when trying to get these posters. Got to slide it up, which then allows it to come loose at the bottom. This will then slide out.

      Thanks for entering though 🙂 Good luck!

  18. I need to win this poster because i need it!!!

    I need my McBess fix!!!

    Great ad, by the way! Love the video!

    Would love to see more McBess vinyl toys!!! :drool:

  19. This would be so amazing to win i love mcbess and this print reminds me of all the time i spent riding to school on public transportation i would feel amazing to have this piece and treasure it always 🙂

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