Danger Tenacious Toys Exclusive Mascot Pitbull

This needed to be done! The world’s balance is now restored. Finally the infamous Tenacious Toys pitbull mascot “Danger” is on the loose;

Originally sculpted for Resin Is King Series 3 by artist NEMO, the first run of 10  were painted in various pitbull-appropriate colors, now Danger is back for an exclusive “Tenacious Toys Blue’ run;

TT-dog 2
TT-dog 3

Danger stands 2.25 inches tall cast in resin and painted by Dead Hand Toys, comes boxed, with 3″ Tenacious stick;

An open run on this color, additional limited-edition color variants will be released in the future, to 10 or 15 pieces per color.

‘Danger’ is a character based on illustration by Alex “Playful Gorilla” Rivera!

Get it now HERE for $25 a piece!


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