Splurrt x Lulubell Toys New Releases

We have the perfect cure for your Monday blues. Or better, Splurrt  and Lulubell Toys  have. 3 new marble soft vinyl figures are available for your pleasure. This kind of casts are so sweet that makes us want to bite them;

For this drop we get the classics Cadaver Kid in a red and glow marble, Mecha Brain Kid in a red and aqua marble, and the Usir Kid in red and black;

Measuring 4? and 5.5? tall the Cadaver Kid in Red/GID marble will set you back $55. The Mecha Cadaver Kid in red/light blue marble $60 and the Usir Headed Cavader Kid in red/black marble $60! Max 2 pieces per person.

Hurry to www.lulubelltoys.com if you want to get some!


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*pics via Splurrt

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