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The Toy Chronicle artist spotlight makes a long awaited return for 2017 and shines the spotlight over in Norway to an amazing artist Remjie. We were lucky to have Remjie at ToyCon UK 2016 and got the chance to see her incredible and vibrant creatures and monsters up close and drool over the overall execution which highlighted her distinctive signature style.

Last year she’s exploded into the soft vinyl world by customising for collectors and galleries all over the world. No surprise at all when you’ve seen the level of work and craftsmanship. Blown away is an understatement when we first saw her OOAK monsters, either using mix mediums or not Remjie can tackle anything and any platform in our eyes. Some artist can only do customs but as you can see her own creations and designer are freaking epic too.

Kilin the fish dragon is designed and produced by RedHotStyle studio and customized by me. I have created two Sunset Kilin and two Thundercloud Kilin. Sunset and Thundercloud Kilin are going to be displayed at RedHotStyle show at Wrong Galley Taipei and Feminamorphe art show at Woot Bear Gallery in San Francisco this February. Please contact the galleries if you want to purchase them. 18 cm (7 inches) tall when wearing the mask. Three points of articulation. Dragon mask can be put on and removed. Cast in soft vinyl, painted with acrylics, sealed with urethane varnish.

Jobi the Moon Fox

A long list of great collaborations under her belt.

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One sculpture that embedded Remjie into our memories will forever be Sun head Kochasri and Seafoam mane Kochasri by Remjie which touches on mythological creatures from Thailand. We love them and we hope you do too.

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Kochasri are mythological creatures from Thailand that appear as lions with an elephants head, they also possess the power and strength from both animals. Since my trip to Thailand, I have been extremely inspired by their native art and architecture.

Need something HUGE? Remjie has the key! Meet The draugr or draugen, also called “again-walker”

The draugr or draugen, also called “again-walker” is an undead creature from Norse mythology. Drauger are noted for having numerous magical abilities resembling those of living witches and wizards such as shape-shifting, controlling the weather and seeing into the future Drauger live in their graves, often guarding treasure buried with them in their burial mound. They are animated corpses – unlike ghosts they have a corporeal body with similar physical abilities as in life. Wikipedia 45cm (18 inches) tall. Details are cast in resin, eye is created by glassblower Marcel Rensmaag. His body has high quality ball socket armature inside, so you don’t have to worry that the armature will snap or break. This doll is well balanced, can stand on its own (leaning on it’s tail for better support), fully posable, head and hands can be rotated. Decorations are made of a resin replica of a pigeon skull (by Skullery),old norwegian coin and a fossil scale. Belt piece is carved out of spermwhale tooth by Alexei Kuznetsov decorated with gem, amber and wooden beads. Clothes are made of recycled cotton, leather and hemp cord.

One big highlight is the fact that Remjie style can be seen from miles that it’s her work and no one has anything that similar (well not that we know of that is)

Meet Bubbles the Hurrum monster! Hurrums are magical creatures with big bat-like ears and huge eyes. They always having a very bright coloured appearances and sometimes even glow in the dark! Usually hurrums are very curious and love to explore places, meet new friends, and they find humans very interesting and exiting to be around with.
20cm (8 inches) tall. Details are cast in resin and the body is soft (they have a ball socket armature in their neck and torso to make the doll more stable). They have some plastic pellets in their belly to give them good balance and realistic weight. Their necklaces are made dyed howlite beads.
Shaydemons are small demons from the shadow dimension that seek out a friendly human guide to show them around in our realm. The markings on their forehead are unique, they change and evolve over time as each experience they have sets its mark on them.
33cm (13 inches) when standing. His pendant is handmade glass piece. This doll has quality ball socket armature inside. This doll is fully poseable, you can articulate its ears, head and paws.

This Magnus the mushroom troll is another example making something from the ground up and using different fabrics and mediums to make one piece stand out.

This is Magnus the mushroom troll. Magnus is a very shy and private guy. He lives in a tiny little dirt house under a giant oak tree. There he tends to his plants and mushrooms all day long. And with the help of bioluminescent fungi, he’s able to work around the clock with his pet plants and he often loose track of time. The constant dim light from his fungi-lamps makes it impossible for him to keep a schedule. And even though his eyesight has taken its toll from working without proper light, he would have it no other way. He enjoys his work and would gladly show any visitor around his proud collection of rare plants.
27cm (10 inches) tall. Details are cast in resin. His body is hand sewn and has high-quality ball socket armature inside, so you don’t have to worry that the armature will snap or break. This doll is well balanced, can stand on its own, fully posable, head, hands and feet can be rotated.
Hair is home dyed sheep yarn.
He wears a glass jar created by my friend and awesome glassblower Natalie Amber.

Remjie has shown the fact she can pull off being versatile with her creativity and this curiosity is another prime example, much darker side to Remjie.

Tiny rainbow crabs

Remjie smaller resin creatures still have the same impact, very unique and distinctive look about them.

These tiny rainbow crabs have such colourful shells and would make anyone feel better! If you live far away from the ocean or if it’s not the right time of the year to take a dip, little crab fellas are going to bring back the memories of the sunny days and ocean waves! 7x7cm (2,7×2,7 inches), cast of resin, painted with acrylics. Glass in their pincers is collected at the Pattaya and Mykonos beach.

Cute, creepy, mythical sums it up.  Most impressive is her own creativity of her own platforms/creatures. The stance, detail and the colour combinations all work in her favour. Prime example her work for sale doesn’t last long. Lord knows how long her waiting list for commissions right now is but we don’t expect it to have space.

Lets not spoil you too much and leave you all to explore the world of Remjie, promise its worth a look

Need a commission from Remjie? send an e-mail tell her The Toy Chronicle sent you 🙂

If you’re looking for a Remjie fix right now, she’s got one Hogada “Alice Caterpillar” edition custom left in store at

This fantastic sofubi character is called Hogada. Hogada toy design is created by Nomiwa studio (@nomiwa2016) and painted by me!
17 cm (6,6 inches) tall, cast in soft vinyl, painted with acrylics, sealed with matt varnish.
This colour scheme is inspired by Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar.
Three of a kind.

Let’s hope Remjie will be at ToyCon UK 2017 so we can see more of her work. If you’re in heading to Taipei, her work will be heading to the upcoming RED HOT STYLE- CANADIAN HAIRLESS & KILIN CUSTOM SHOW at Wrong gallery Taipei ??????? read about it HERE.

Places you can find Remjie on


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