Yolkels by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx Release!

Prepare to be eggcited for a new Jason Freeny release. This is eggsactly what we needed today. Meet Yolkel. Yolkel was an original sculpt by Freeny from 2009 (see more images below) and has now been brought to the masses with a 2017 release from Mighty Jaxx.

As you can see from the image below, Yolkel comes with a white detachable shell that contains a little surprise inside ~ Open it up and you’ll find an adorable baby Yolkel nestled comfortably with a pink dummy (pacifier) in its mouth! So adorable!

Standing at 3inches tall, Yolkel will be making a crackin’ entrance on the Mighty Jaxx store HERE at 3pm GMT (10am ET) on Saturday 30th December! No details as yet on price, but with this being a 3inch release, we’re not expecting a large $ value on this one. Below you can see the original sculpts of Yolkel, from the year 2009…

yolkels-2009-freeny-4 yolkels-2009-freeny-3 yolkels-2009-freeny-1yolkels-2009-freeny-2

Important Details
WHERE: https://mightyjaxx.rocks/

WHEN: Sat 30th Dec at 3pm GMT

PRICE: Unknown

LIMITED: Unknown

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