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TTC reviews: Jelly Buddy by 6·Forest

Since the release of BURBAG (read HERE), that spanish artist collective 6·Forest caught our attention. They have a very special thing going on, solid characters with awesome concepts that translate very well to 3d form in the real world. From the looks of it they are aiming for the more ‘elite’ collectors. Deluxe packagings and superb details on the toys. That being said and due to the fact that some of us here at TTC are suckers for streetwear and vintage pop culture we were extremely exited when 6·Forest  announced ‘Jelly Buddy’, the first character on the ‘Urban Spectrum’ series. 

Jelly Buddy is a mix of ‘Slimer’, the beloved character from Ghostbusters (in fact it was the first ghost they busted), and a hype beast! Sounds good right? Well, we’ll find out. Shall we take a look?

Let’s start with the packaging, we feel like the packaging is part of the experience when it comes to art toys, although many others may think differently. That’s okay, you are beautiful no matter what. So this is what will knock into your door when you order ‘Jelly Buddy’:

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Sturdy cardboard package with hard plastic cover. If you’re familiar with Coarse’s packaging this feels like one, so you know were talking quality here. In fact in the bottom there’s even a holographic sticker with 6·Forest logo with the edition number (41 of 50 in this case) so everything is very official;

When you open the box you’re greeted with a certificate of authenticity featuring all the details from the piece; size, materials, year of making etc… Also a personalised hand signature from the artist, Rultron in the case of the Jelly Buddy;

On the back of the certificate you get the backstory to your piece;

“Jelly Buddy is friendly with a ghost-like appearance, which has led some people to believe that he is a direct relative of “Slimer”, although it has been difficult to prove due to the lack of DNA evidence… This spectre of gooey-like and radioactive appearance roams the streets of a Madrid neighbourhood by the name of Malasaña in search of a cool person to share a cold beer with and demonstrate his “Street Dance” abilities”.

So let’s take a look at the star of the show, the ‘Jelly Buddy’;

Comes nicely organised in thick foam. Taking it out of the box it immediately feels like a sturdy well finished piece;

Pieces snap right into place with a sense of satisfaction, magnet magic;

And just like that ‘Jelly Buddy’ stands 8.6 inches (22cm) tall, a limited edition of only 50;

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The resin cast is as clean as they come with a near perfect smooth finish. Colors are vibrant with beautiful highlights;

We we’re surprised by the tongue detail. A different pink resin translucent cast. It’s details like this that make for a great piece;

We find that 6·Forest really puts a lot of effort on their creations and the way they are presented. Everything here is well put together, this is not your average art toy. It’s definitely exquisite.

One major strength of 6·Forest is without a doubt the conceptual work. Each one of their creations is carefully planed making for solid interesting characters.

If they continue steady with this kind of quality releases we are sure 6·Forest will be a heavy name in the scene;

If you’re looking into serious ‘art toys’ and you’re tired of the mainstream ones we seriously recommend you take a look at  6·Forest catalog.

We love our ‘Jelly Buddy’, he’ll haunt our shelf and collection for a long time.

If you want a piece of this ghostly coolness you better hurry and grab one HERE for 190€ (167 GPB). But wait!!! We got your back. Click on the image below for 45% OFF, yes, 45%!

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Simply enter out TTC discount code” toy-chronicle “at the checkout at for 45% off. for further info.


We’ll see you soon with more goodness!


Follow 6·Forest at Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Beautiful figures, been following them since they’ve been teasing them but I feel like they priced themselves way too high. Coarse levels of high. The fact that they’re now trying to sell them at 45% off proves it, I would of been ticked off if I bought one full price x.x

    Not saying it’s not worth the money but I wish they started off with something a bit smaller first :O Nonetheless, saving up those pennies for one of these soon <3

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