ToyCon UK 2022 – An overview (Part I)

I can’t believe I was in London last weekend to visit ToyCon UK again. After 2 years I couldn’t wait to see all my lovely collector friends and the amazing artists that make ToyCon UK my happy place.

Like usual, the quality of the art that was available was extremely high and I loved seeing everyone and everything in person. If you couldn’t make it this year or simply want to go back one more time, I hope my blogs will make you feel like you are at ToyCon UK yourself (again).

Jon-Paul Kaiser
One of the artists that always brings stunning pieces to ToyCon UK is Jon-Paul Kaiser. From an amazing Maguro custom to an assortment of adorable little elephants in all kinds of pretty colours and different designer toys featuring his extremely detailed tattoos, JPK has something for everyone.

One of the pieces that I also really enjoyed seeing in person was Inked Stories Eve. Who could blame such a pretty lady for things going bad, right? Can’t wait to see on what piece JPK will work his magic next!

The booth of Jon-Paul Kaiser.

Tomodachi Island
Another familiar face was Tomodachi Island, one of the artists that has created a wonderful world filled with stunning characters. When I looked at her ToyCon UK booth, I was taken away by the great colour palette and super detailed work. The Cloud Puffs are utterly adorable and I loved all the different versions. Her Cloudy Dreams, aka the beautiful little bunnies, were available for the first time ever in two different colourways and were very hard to resist as well.

Cloud Puffs by Tomodachi Island.

I also had to ignore the simply amazing Noodle, Dunny, Buffmonster and T-Con customs. It’s hard being a collector! A select few pieces have made their way to the online shop, so don’t sit on it if you had your eyes on one (or two, or three).

The booth of Tomodachi Island.

Another artist that had a beautiful booth was Jaykishh. His Zen Ruffelz pieces looked gorgeous in person and had a variety of pretty colour combinations to choose from. My favourite was probably the pink Zen Ruffelz, but the orange and all the blueish Zen Ruffelz pieces were really beautiful too. So basically I loved them all haha.

Zen Ruffelz by Jaykishh.

Something I also enjoyed, was seeing the prototypes of Jaykishh’s up and coming blind box series with Atomic Toys. The serie seems to include different types of drinks and we can expect them somewhere next year. Maybe we’ll see them at ToyCon UK 2023?

Upcoming blind box series by Jaykishh x Atomic Toys.

For people that like to wear art, you could also get super cute Flamey pins and hats. What’s not to like?

Pins by Jaykishh.
Wearable art by Jaykishh.

JED Bots
The JED Bot is one of the cutest robots you’ll ever meet. After talking to his creator, Andy Wilx, I learned JED was a character that somehow always managed to find its way back to his mind and eventually came to life in 3D. JED Bot has the sweetest smile and he definitely put a smile on my face too.

You could find different super cool JED Bots at Andy’s booth, including customs like the briljant blue Bot by Run DMB.

JED Bots by Andy Wilx.

There were several JED Bot busts available as well if you were looking to add a smaller piece to your collection. I found the green little guy especially cute. He reminded me a bit of Frankenstein. Hopefully we’ll see more JED Bots in the future!

Dead Beat City
The one and only Dead Beat City had us poor collectors running to his booth trying to get our paws, I mean hands, on a lovely bear. But, if you didn’t bring your running shoes, you still had a chance to get a bear (including a very pretty pink one) thanks to a lottery supporting World Land Trust.

Besides 4 different colourways of his famous Off Bears and a really cool Kuma set including a mini skateboard, there was a lovely band of bears to be found at DBC’s ToyCon UK booth as well. My personal fave? The brown bear. I love a lot of the bears, but especially the ones that resemble real life bears and he’s just too cute with his little microphone and boombox.

The booth of Dead Beat City.

We were also able to see a preview of what’s to come. All I can say is, keep ’em coming!

Dolly Oblong
All the way from the Netherlands, Dolly Oblong always brings the cutest pieces to ToyCon UK. With so many adorable resin and big sofubi bunnies availabe, it was hard not to walk away with at least one thing when you visited Dolly Oblong’s booth.

My favourite resin pieces included Jimmy and Gobo, the cute Lucky Cat (who reminded me of Tigger) and the fishies that came in a beautiful metallic pink/yellow and blue with GID spots.

Dolly also brought a large assortment of keychains, cool pins, Dunnys, super fluffy plushies and stickers to choose from. I always love seeing the Dollys in person (and confuse everyone by speaking in our wonderful Dutch language) so it was great being able to see them and their work in person again.

The booth of Dolly Oblong.

AMAZ by Lokianno
It is always fun browsing through a lot of different toys and AMAZ by Lokianno definitely delivered. The grumpy POH figures and BabyDolls were totally adorable and if you liked less cute toys, you could also get your hands on designer toys like the Hellbot Luna or Iron Drama Pro in several colourways.

A variety of toys at AMAZ by Lokianno.

With a great assortment of Chubbi Chunks, Monster Beanies, Puckys and other figures there were a lot of great toys to choose from and if you wanted something a bit naughty, AMAZ by Lokianno had you covered too. What more could you wish for?

The booth of AMAZ by Lokianno.

Flatties x Lemon Labels
If you wanted to get your hands on older and rare toys, Flatties x Lemon Labels definitely was the place to be. From Lunartik items, to Coarse Toys and Hey Cavey plushies, if you missed out on cool designer toys in the past, this was the place to be!

The booth of Flatties x Lemon Labels.

There were also a lot of great Dunnys to be found here (I should have bought more of them…) and you could even find complete sets, like one including 5 adorable Pecan Pals. My budget may not appreciate this, but I hope they will be back next year so I can try to add more great designer toys to my collection.

Dunnys and Pecan Pals at Flatties x Lemon Labels.

If you made it all the way to the end of this blog, yay! I’m glad I was able to grab (and keep) your attention and show off some of the amazing ToyCon UK 2022 booths. Of course there were many more fantastic artists and designer toys stores around so you can expect a few more blogs to cover them all.

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