The Great Bartholio

The Great Bartholio

Disart ToyLabs have been working on a collaboration with tattoo artist AshMadeThis to release ‘Bartholio’ at this weekend’s Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Convention. Inspired by Ash’s hugely popular pin badge design of the same name, the hilarious mash-up of iconic 90?s cartoons has been booted by Disart’s Tru:Tek from a vintage 4? Beavis bendy toy, coming with an originally sculpted Bart head from none other than NolanJP. Produced at the Disart ToyLabs in both resin and rubber, we bring you a quick rundown of the different versions that’ll be up for grabs…

BARTHOLIO “OG HAND PAINT” EDITION– Cast up in a hard resin, these have been painstakingly hand painted by Ash to match the colours of the original bendy toy release (albeit with bright yellow skin!), each coming with a unique metal-tinged slogan scrawled across the front of the tee. Coming bagged with a custom header from Ash inspired by the official backer art, these will be up for grabs at £25 a piece.

[frame align=”center”]bartholio resin[/frame]

BARTHOLIO “NAKED BART” AND “NAKED BEAVIS” JUMBO KESHI EDITIONS– Coming in a keshi-style rubber, these playable versions have been produced in yellow and flesh inspired by both Simpsons and Beavis & Butthead skin tones. Once again coming packed with a custom header from Ash, these have been priced at just £10 each.


Debuting in limited numbers at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this SATURDAY, JULY 19TH, open pre-orders for all 3 versions will be up for grabs from the AshMadeThis web-store the following MONDAY, JULY 21ST. Stay tuned for more variants and exclusive editions coming soon!

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