The Big Rad Wolf by DSB

It’s no secret that we love John Pryor aka Dollar Slice Bootlegs, and you can safely slice your dollar in this one. Rocksteady and Bebop ain’t got nothing on The Big Rad Wolf!

On top of the message behind this bootleg figure (anti racist statements and animal rights shout outs) you get an excellent character straight from the 80’s;


“No reason to be afraid of The Big Rad Wolf cause he’s a vegan…..but wait he’s covered in blood!! It must be the blood of racist bigots!!”

Painted with neon colors and drenched in blood, you know the deal with D$B figures, details and and overall high quality bootlegs! If we went back in time D$B characters would be mass produced by some company. Would that be cool? We will never now, but this guy deserves it!

So if you’re attending DCon this year be sure to stop by booth1225 and get some! You won’t regret it!

For more badass bootlegs check Dollar Slice Bootlegs at Facebook and Instagram.

*pics via Slice’s

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