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Test-Tube Severed Heads By Zombieking

Zombieking is back! ever since we discovered Zombieking work back in February, we knew Zombieking had the demand for more of his totally crazy and pretty unique work. The UK based artist has taken his Test-Tube series  and given it a new extreme twist and it works so well.


“are you the kind of sick weirdo who would wear a the severed head of a unicorn foetus around your neck?

excellent! in that case i’m pleased to have you attention, as i have just what you’re looking for!

ok, so when you buy one of these upsettingly cute things off me – what you get is a unicorn head, stored inside a corked glass testtube. there is a ring in the unicorns stump (see pictures) which can be threaded with a chain or similar – the responsibility of attaching it to your jewellery is yours! also, the chain shown in the photographs is NOT included.”


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Priced at £7.50


“A teeny tiny tyrant king’s noggin in a glass tube is exactly what you need in your life. I really don’t need to try and convince you any more, do I?”


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Priced at £10


“This is the head of a foetus (i’d say approx. 13/14 weeks old). i’m not sure if it belonged to a human or mermaid, but tbh what’s going on below the waist of this specimen really is a moot issue.  however, even if it is a mermaid’s head, you’ll be pleased to know that it doesn’t smell fishy!”


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Priced at £7.50.

We actually have 3 OG test tube baby and we can guarantee you will love them. Craftsmanship its tip top!  you can check out the older Test Tube article HERE

Zombieking test tube baby

“These are delicate items. i’ve tried them as keychains and they get scuffed and damaged VERY easily, Just don’t do it. Necklaces, charm bracelets maybe.. But nothing where they’ll get knocked about as they just wont survive very long.

If you simply want a severed t-rex foetus for display purposes, then i can supply one without the ring in it’s neck. get in touch here [link] and i will let you know whether i have any display heads currently available. Also note, unlike a complete testtube baby – these severed heads are ONLY supplied in a glass testtube, there is no miniature wooden shipping crate included.”

Plenty of other tube designs but we will let you venture to his online shop and explore his crazy world.

Test Tube Series By Zombieking store

About Zombieking

“I delight in painting DEATH, and endeavour to show how vibrant, and full of life and purpose it can be. less often i paint LIFE, wherein i attempt to show how bleak and meaningless it inherently is. inevitably the themes of rebirth and the cyclic nature of Nature rear their beautiful curves.
on reflection, these words make my artwork sound grand, important, and oh-so-serious. but it really is not. nor, i suspect, will viewers see these ideas present in my paintings. but they are there at some level, and my words matter not because at the end of the day i am simply pushing paint around on a canvas in a way that pleases me.

as well as the painting, I do illustration work and design t-shirts, and each year i make several hundred zombies. FUN ZOMBIEKING FACTIOD: i have a repetitive strain injury caused by throwing blood at people!” Instagram and Facebook if you want to get in touch with him.


“FUN FACTOID would be that ‘my fingers are the most famous part of my body’! as, a couple of years ago i got a little tattoo and it kinda did the rounds on the interweb [link]. you may recognise it? or not? doesn’t matter really…”

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