Taylored Curiosities Self Conscious aromatherapy plush art doll

Self-Conscious Aromatherapy Plush Kickstarter by Taylored Curiosities

Taylored Curiosities uses her art to remove the stigma around mental health. This time she’s transforming another one of her characters into an aromatherapy plush.

“The Feelings are a set of characters that I started making back in 2009. Worry was the first and was soon joined by a whole host of emotion monsters. Each one is the personification of the mental health concern that they represent. They are talismans to ease your struggle and to remind you that you are not alone.”

Starting with Worry in 2016, it’s time for a new addition to The Feelings plush family: Self-conscious.

Taylored Curiosities Self Conscious aromatherapy plush art doll

“We all have those days where we feel self-conscious and don’t feel like we really want anyone to see us. Well, Self-conscious has decided that today is a ‘stay under the blanket’ kind of day. Tell Self-conscious your concerns and let them deal with it all for you, while you go out and hold your head high.”

At 10 cm (4 inches) tall, this plush toy makes a great little companion. Self-conscious is made of super soft velboa fabrid and stuffed with hypoallergenic stuffing. He has a removable blanket and is scented with natural ginger which is said to energize the body and thought to function as an anti-depressant. Sounds good to me!

Now how to get this fluffy little fellow you ask? Go to Kickstarter to support this lovely campaign. A pledge of 15 GBP (around $20) will get you your very own Self-conscious (this includes worldwide shipping!). Ofcourse you can also make a donation of your liking to help Taylored Curiosities bring Self-conscious to life. Let’s make this happen!

You can find Taylored Curiosities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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