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Resting Stranger by Flawtoys

Flawtoys has been producing some seriously gorgeous clear resin pieces, and recently Mr Dinkgreve has been working on improving them even further with a series of new moulds. The first release from the improved moulds will be a new clear Stranger variant, called the Resting Stranger.[frame align=”center”]Resting_Stranger_Sander_Dinkgreve_Flawtoys_Clear_Resin[/frame]

The Resting Stranger contains a suspended white cell figure inside, which is painted before being cast into a clear resin Stranger.[frame align=”center”]Resting_Stranger_Sander_Dinkgreve_Flawtoys_Turnaround_Clear_Resin[/frame]

These enigmatic figures will be €95 (around £70) each, and there will only be 10 made worldwide.[frame align=”center”]Resting_Stranger_Sander_Dinkgreve_Flawtoys_outside_Clear_Resin[/frame]

If you’re interested in these figures of translucent loveliness, then be here at 7pm CET (6pm London time) on Tuesday 24th March. You’ll be blue if you miss out!

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