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Poopycakes Cute Creations x TTC ToyCon Exclusives!

With the 25th being juuuuussstt around the corner, we thought it was time to introduce you all to the extra-special pieces from Poopycakes Cute Creations that’ll be available at our booth.

Meet the Popos![frame align=”center”]Poopycakes_Cute_Creations_Popos_Toy Chronicle_ToyCon[/frame]

These little poops are made of needle felted wool, with additional painted and sewn details. In case you’re not familiar with the technique, needle felting is when you start out with wool that’s mega fluffy, stab it LOTS of times with a needle or 3, and as the wool becomes firmer and firmer you continually sculpt it. It’s a difficult, and sometimes painful, craft but you wouldn’t know it when you see how perfectly cute these 3 Popos are!

[frame align=”center”]Poopycakes_Cute_Creations_Original_Popo_Toy-Chronicle_ToyCon[/frame]

First off, we have the Original Popo! He’s wearing a teeny tiny I <3 Toys badge and is so excited for ToyCon! He’s around 4.5 inches tall and will cost £35.

[frame align=”center”]Poopycakes_Cute_Creations_Zombie_Popo_Toy-Chronicle_ToyCon[/frame]

Our next Popo is looking a little worse for wear – It’s Zombie Popo! He has a teeny bone leg, a poorly eye and a little head trauma, but that won’t stop him loving you and your tasty brains! He’s roughly 4.5 inches tall and will cost £40.

[frame align=”center”]Poopycakes_Cute_Creations_Beard_Popo_Toy-Chronicle_ToyCon[/frame]

Finally, we have the amazing, ridiculously good, Ode to The Toy Chronicle – Blue Popo. This guy. I mean. Look at him! Poopycakes has compeltely NAILED the logo, both in colour and likeness, and he even has a teeny, tiny Union jack hat too! This guy is around 4.5 inches tall and will cost £35 on the day.

These are some seriously well made needle felt sculptures. It’s hard to get a smooth finish when needle felting, let alone add such teeny stitched details on top. Huge Kudos to Poopycakes. We can’t wait to have your work at our booth! 😀

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