Playworks2 at TTF 2022 Featuring Little Poupees Studio x Fat Fox and Moon Journey

Playworks2 smashing all records at Taipei Toy Festival 2022 with day one over and done with. The booth itself looks like something out of an enchanted forest filled with designer art collectibles that feature a new Playworks2 team roster. Moon Lee of Little Poupees Studio and Fat Fox Moon and Moon Journey!


但是Tami Kuo 的壞毛毛工作間就是讓你們


【 Moon Lee 】

From Malaysia. Moon Lee loves to draw since childhood and started an animation career by chance.

From the world of animation, designers want to bring out the design characters for everyone to know, which has also evolved into an interest and career. Designers like to use different materials to make their work more interesting and fun, just like when I was a kid, I often dream about the existence of little people in the world and what their world is like.

Now designers are starting to bring little people into the world. Founded Little Poupees Studio in 2010, it started out mainly with wool dolls. Then I started to specialize in different materials, from soft pottery, and model casting to the present sculpture and resin, hoping to present different works in a different way. At the same time, hope these works can give collectors a different feeling, whether it is mischievous, gentle is the element that the designer himself wants to inject.


從小就喜歡畫畫 , 在機緣巧合下開始了動畫生涯。


如今,設計師開始把小小人帶來這個世界。於在2010年創立了Little Poupees Studio,開始時主要是以製作羊毛氈娃娃為主。之後開始專研其他不同的材質,從軟陶、model casting到現在的雕塑以及樹脂,希望可以用不一樣的方式呈現出不一樣的作品。同時希望這些作品能夠給收藏者帶來不一樣的感受,無論是調皮的,溫和的都是設計師本身想注入的元素。


Limited pre-order 10 pieces

Size: 5cm (H)

Price: 2800 (excluding shipping)

馬來西亞作家Moon Lee Little Poupees Studio



Chanathip Chuenbumroong (肥狐先生)Mr Fat fox

Thai contemporary artist Chanathip Chuenbumroong (Mr. Fat Fox), work is based on wood carving with touch temperature. The theme is often full of childish characters, whether it is a playful little fox, a moon girl, or a classic Japanese anime character. The audience can feel the cute, innocent, exuberant curiosity, and the emotional characteristics of low eyebrows.

One of the little fox is the character the artist created for himself. Chanathip enjoyed watching Japanese cartoons in college and even going to pick up wood chips to carve the characters in these anime. “This is my moment of happiness! Chanathip said so. After carving for a while, Chanathip wanted to create his own character, so the artist’s slightly fat little fox was born!

The works on display in Taiwan

The Kiss in Paris

Price:NT$19800 (delivery extra)

Childhood game (Moonzilla & Fat Fox Mothra)

Price:NT$36000 (delivery extra)

Meditation top (Kitsune Mask)

Price:NT$19800 (delivery extra)

Blossom Girl (Blossom & Bee II)

Price:NT$28000 (delivery extra)

泰國當代藝術家 Chanathip Chuenbumroong (肥狐先生),作品以充滿手感溫度的木雕創作為主,創作題材常見充滿童趣詼諧的角色,不論是貪玩的小狐狸、月亮少女,還是經典的日本動漫人物;觀眾都能從肥狐先生的作品中,感受到屬於孩童特有的可愛、純真、旺盛的好奇心、以及低垂眉眼之間所流露慌亂、脆弱的情緒特質。

其中小狐狸一角,是藝術家為自己所創作的角色。 Chanathip 在大學時期非常喜歡看日本卡通,喜歡到甚至會去撿拾木屑來雕刻這些動漫中的角色。「這是我實現幸福的時刻!」 Chanathip 如此表示。 在雕刻了一段時間後, Chanathip 想創造屬於自己的角色,於是這個藝術家口中有點略肥的「小狐狸」就這麼誕生了!


吻定巴黎鐵塔(The Kiss)

售價:NT$19800 (運費另計)

兒時對戰遊戲 (Moonzilla & Fat Fox Mothra)

售價:NT$36000 (運費另計)

沉思陀螺 (Kitsune Mask)

售價:NT$19800 (運費另計)

綻放女孩(Blossom & Bee II)

售價:NT$28000 (運費另計)


12/1 10:00 – 12/4 12:00 開放填寫抽選表單

(現場掃描QRCode或等FB & IG公布連結)

12/4 18:00 前將完成抽選資格並公佈於臉書及IG

12/5 18:00 前完成匯款,若未完成匯款者,將進行中選名單替補。


肥狐先生 Fat Fox and Moon Journey 的作品採抽選機制

12/5 18:00前會公布中選名單。


photos by: @jr_pureheart

For further release details visit

WHEN: December 1st – 4th December 2022

WHERE: Playworks2 booth A06

VENUE|Huashan Creative Park (No.1,Bade Road Sec.1,Zhong Zhen District,Taipei 100)

LOCATION: Huashan Creative Park / Building East 2 & Building Center 4B (1F & 2F) No.1,Bade Road Sec.1,Zhong Zhen District,Taipei 100

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