Pharrell Shows Off His New KAWS BFF Open Editions!

BFF! Pharrell & KAWS! You know just chilling, on a nice green seating arrangement. Pharrell showing off his new KAWS BFF Open Edition samples that we spoke about yesterday. If you cast your mind back 24 hrs or so (read HERE) we brought you news that KAWS was finally getting round to bringing the BFF to join the Companion in the Open Edition world we’ve started to be accustomed to this past year.

Nothing further to add at this stage, just wanted to share this pic of Pharrell & KAWS, that Mr. Williams shared on his Instagram a short while ago HERE. Once we hear further news on the BFF Open Edition release, either via MoMA or elsewhere, we’ll bring you details!


Thanks to eagle-eyed George on the KAWS FB group, there is perhaps another sample that KAWS & Pharrell are showing off. Sat on the couch next to them are a set of the KAWS x Snoopy plushes that have been murdered out! All black Snoopy plushes on the way? We’ll keep you posted!

KAWS Black snoopy sample

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