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New Tier! KIMOCHU: Limited Edition Art Toys by JOURNEY TO THE SWEET

Here is the chance to own the Extra Kindor Kimo figure when you back the KIMOCHU: Limited Edition Art Toys by JOURNEY TO THE SWEET Kickstarter! plus the extended  “Early Bird: 6 blind boxes + Kickstarter edition”. To top it off extra add-ons.

The sweetness coming in from Hong Kong! Blind box fans and everything sweet hold on as Nearko Limited Studio’s from Hong Kong has candy fans drooling as they launch their Kickstarter! close your eyes and picture some of the most famous confectionaries in the style of JOURNEY TO THE WEST. Plenty tiers and rewards to choose from ranging from a starter pack to twelve selective box pack. Remember there is still time to take advantage of the  Early Bird Discount!

KIMOCHU: Limited Edition Art Toys by JOURNEY TO THE SWEET

We are a group of people who love working together in the pursuit of a common goal: creating fun and interesting characters. “JOURNEY TO THE SWEET” is our signature brand which transformed the classic Chinese myth, “Journey to the West” into a modern story.

All the characters in Journey to the Sweet are made with candies. We have already created over 30 characters and this time we have launched a crowdfunding project to produce a series of art toys for one of our characters, KimoChu, the choco pig.

【Journey to the Sweet】In our story, sweets and desserts inhabit the world.

I’d first like to start off my introducing our friend, Master Candy, who travels the world in search of a magic book. In it, the book holds the hidden and mysterious secret to happiness. Master Candy must find this book at all costs. Along the way, Master Candy defeats all kinds of candy monsters in the pursuit of this sacred book. And by “defeats”, we of course means eats all kinds of candy monsters — in our world you eat your enemies. Naturally, some taste sweet, and others are more bitter. Funny moments ensue throughout. Along the trip, she meets a gang of candy companions Lollikong, KIMO.G and Sugar.E. 
Now we come to our other creation, Kimo Chu. Kimo Chu is Master candy’s second disciple. He is the monster of rose alcohol-filled chocolate; so you know he’s got a lot of lofty expectations to live up to. When he is happy, his nose turns into a heart, and hearts begin pouring out of his nose. It’s like the better version of having a cold.  

The idea behind the name “Kimo Chu” comes from certain Japanese, uh, let’s call them “action films”. You’ll often hear it in the dialogue of these films. Kimo Chu sounds very similar to Kimochi, which in Japanese means “feeling good”.(気持ちいい)
“Chu” in Chinese means “chocolate”. It also means “pig”, but for our purposes lets just stick to chocolate, shall we? 

Also the word “chu” translates to “kiss” in Japanese. So clearly our team has quite a knack for etymology. 
The guiding concept design behind KIMOCHU is that when we taste chocolate, we tend to have a very good feeling overcome us — much like falling in love. So yes, to answer your question: eating this chocolate is EXACTLY like falling love!
The physical act of a kiss and the emotional sensation of feeling good are both fundamental to falling in love. Kimo Chu is a character who comes to represent the image of love.

Before Kimo Chu becomes Master candy’s second disciple, he falls in love with his girlfriend, “SAKURA” . They’re always together and going on dates, showing their sweet and loving side. See, anthropomorphic candy is not so different from you and I. 

You guys have until Wed, September 25 2019 4:54 PM BST to back the project. Click HERE to find out more about the campaign and support


Kowloon, Hong Kong

We at the JTS team have run the business for the last three years. We’ve got an amazing illustrator, animator and industrial designers. All of us love to create characters, and love that we have the ability to do so.

We are always proud to tell people that we are able to turn these ideas into reality.

We are a small team, but a quick and hardworking team as well, who can turn around character ideas in no time at all. We’ve got the talent and expertise to bring our dreams to life, and we’d like to do the same for you.

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