Monitorr the Gorekeeper with set of 12 Figures by Violence Toy

This just in! Forget all about the Crypt-Keeper, it’s time for the Gorekeeper! Our of our personal favourite toy lines, the Gorelords by Violence Toy, is getting a deluxe set. Monitorr the Gorekeeper is a 6 inches tall head with an amazing sculpt, you can store figures inside it bank twist cap opening and it features a hole on bottom to display it on a wall if you will.

Gorelords Monitorr Head
Gorelords Monitorr Head 4

Comes with the set of 12 Gorelords figures. That right there is a winner, you can have them all with a single purchase.

This pink edition is limited to 100 and only 24 will be available on this drop.

Features a cool illustrated window box. Already live HERE for $40. A great deal if you ask us!

Important Details

Price: HERE for $40.

Release date/time: NOW!

Link to Site:

Check out the Gorelords below:


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