Let’s do the Monster Mash with Clutter Gallery

Last night over at Clutter Gallery they let the monsters out! The Monster Mash, volume 1 of the Sofubi & Kaiju Showcase, contained the work of Rampage Toys, Bwana Spoons, Secret Demon Services & Dethchops. If you’re interested in picking up the available art, you can check them all out HERE.

Our favourite East Coast Correspondent, Mr. Lumino of For the Masses Podcast, was on hand at Clutter Gallery to capture it for your viewing pleasure. If you were watching over on our Facebook Page HERE, you’ll have seen the Live Streams taken at Clutter. If you’re not watching our Live Streams, you can watch below….

As well as the Monster Mash show at Clutter, there was a secondary opening taking place. Bloom by Plush Play. A 2-for-1 opening night! The Live Stream, caught by Lumino, for Bloom can be viewed below…

Bloom features some amazing one-off and multiple mixed media sculptures, and paintings. Not one to miss! You can check out the remaining art on the Clutter Gallery store HERE.


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