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Namue: Last of the Boreo Clan OG Colorway by Precious Junkz x Yobbi x Museum of Toys + Giveaway!

The Evolution has arrived! It started back in 2017 when Samurai Apes By Precious Junkz x Yobbi unleashed into the wild causing a made dash for collectors to get hold of the resin Samurai Apes! Now comes Namue from the last of the Boreo Clan OG Colorway in vinyl form. Powered by our friends at Museum of Toys the evolution has taken effect. To top off the release, we have linked up with Precious Junkz x Yobbi x Museum of Toys to giveaway one Last of the Boreo Clan OG Colorway! Simply follow the guide below on how to win a Last of the Boreo Clan OG Colorway.

Many things were expected from the youngest direct descendant of Boreo the Sage. As an apeling, Namue was thus, rebellious by default. He kept denying his heritage, choosing instead to live the nonchalant life of the Boreo Clan sans responsibilities.

This went on for the longest time until one fateful day, when playful Namue was off on one of his mischiefs, having “borrowed” a sacred scroll from the Boreo High Temple, he was ambushed by a group of chimpassassins on a hill just outside of Boro Boro Village.

At a serious disadvantage and lacking power and not to mention training, Namue’s days were numbered had it not been for the intervention of Boreo in the form of his exalted grandfather, Dawen the Leaf, and his legendary three-headed sibat, who dispatched these mercenaries with the greatest of ease.

Shameful, bloody, and shivering from near death but in awe of his grandfather’s prowess, young Namue resigned his ears to receive a mouthful. Instead, he found himself looking up to a smiling weary face and being told a personal story of Boreo. One that has been handed down from orangutan elder to elder, never written but never forgotten. A story that brought him to tears and made him realize his destiny, for he knows there is nothing greater in this life or the next. It was then, he made a promise to an old orangutan.

Henceforth, Namue embraced his lineage and spent the rest of his days pushing to learn and train in the ways of the Boreo Clan monks. Namue is much older now. Somewhere along his path, he was deemed worthy to wield his grandfather’s legendary sibat and take on the mantle of elder and leader.

Namue still lives a carefree life. Albeit now, not a single day goes by without him keeping that unwritten promise he made to his dearly departed grandfather on that windy hill with the earth as his witness.

A simple pole in the hands of a master martial artist can be a deadly weapon. Fortunately, the Boreo Clan monks no longer use the sibat for combat, unless necessary.

These days, the spears made from the Old Hardwood of their sacred giant O-Bore trees are mostly used as ceremonial spears in their rituals. Apes trained in the ways of the Boreo monastery have considered the sibat as part of their bodies. The heads are unique to each monk. Some would spend years to grind a boulder, tempering the stone into a single sharp blade. Others would carry the sibat as a walking staff on their long pilgrimage until they come across the perfect metal to crown their loyal friend.Blunt parts of the sibat can be used hand-to-hand to incapacitate threats. It can equally be thrown from a distance to hunt game and secure a peaceful monk’s survival in the wild. Some sibat have been modified with detachable heads to show respect for other apes and their customs. Every sibat is personal, even a legendary three-headed one. His name, known only to his wielder. His secrets, known only to his enemies.

Manufactured by Museum of Toys (@museumoftoys)

This colourway will have a production run of 50 pieces with random “Battle Scars” variants inserted at 1:10 ratio (“Battle Scars” variant photos will be posted soon).

Designed by @yyobbi of Precious Junkz (@preciousjunkz)

Height: 27cm (approx. 10.6”)

Material: vinyl, handpainted

Accessories Details:

“Trisulo Sibat” trident spear

Material: polyurethane resin, handpainted

Payment by PayPal only (International Buyers) or Bank Transfer (Indonesian Buyers).

First come, first served!

WHEN: 12th December 2020, 12PM Indonesia time

WHERE: Online Sale via Instagram Direct message HERE.

Price: USD 250 (international shipping included)

All will be sent by 29 December 2020 at the latest.

Please note that due to COVID-19 pandemic, unforeseen shipping delays may occur.

We have a giveaway that we have worked with Precious Junkz and MOT to giveaway one of Last of the Boreo Clan OG Colorway! There are a number of entries that can get you involved.


One Entry (x1)
You must follow @preciousjunkz/ and @motmuseum/ on Instagram.

One Entry (x1)
Share the below image and use hashtag #TTCBoreo

Infinite Entries (x️)
Tag a friend in the comment the section (one friend per comment) with any emoji of the Instagram image that we have shared. You can tag as many friends as you would like, but each friend should have their own comment. Each friend counts as one chance, more friends, more chances.

Three Entries (x3)

SAVE the the our Instagram post using the save icon on the right hand corner.

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WHEN: NOW UNTIL 12th December 2020 11.55 pm UK time. Winner will be notified 48 hours after the giveaway ends.

ALL shipping costs paid for. *Open internationally

The contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram. *disclaimer this FREE prize is associated and affiliate with Precious Junkz x Yobbi x Museum of Toys.

Check out the illustrations for the Samurai Apes are off the hook too! All by yyobbi each with stories.

For once, Boreo clan was the oldest and the most respected among the nines. Driven by guilt and sorrow armed with the legendary Sibat, Namue the last of his kind took the resignation journey across the land to found the purpose of his existence.
Only the bravest warrior can truly be deemed worthy of Futago, twin blades forged by the very first fire itself. Commanding and leads the fiercest warriors ever known, Netsu answer the call for battle under the banner of the Aka clan”
Came from royal bloodline of the proud leaders of the Yara Clan, Demba took the responsibility to master the Iji regalia after the decease of his father and swore to protect the clan at all cost as the new clan leader

Who will be next from the Samurai Apes?

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