Kidrobot x Tara Mcpherson Tease

New York City artist Tara McPherson just teased us in her social media with a figure silhouette of an upcoming collab with Kidrobot;

This was posted with the following caption:

Check out this sneak peak of my dream project with Kidrobot!!!!! Doesn’t it make you ‘wonder’ when she will be released?!?!

‘Dream Project’, ‘Kidrobot’, ‘Wonder’, ‘She’… Hmm… We are no Sherlock but could she possibly be referring to Invisible Woman? We’re joking we know it’s She-Hulk! Ok ok you know the one, the hype is real, Wonder Woman will be hitting the market big time in several fronts. Brace yourselves.

So excited to see what the final piece looks like. We are fans of Tara’s work, not only on toys but of all of her art, it should be cool to look at a popular character ‘through her eyes’. Can’t wait!


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