KAREFREE SENTAI HOT SAUCE SET by Untitled Fiction x Jukebox Vinyl

The Karefree Hot Sauce has evolved into the Super Power Sentai form! Courtesy of Untitled Fiction x Jukebox Vinyl. Five different members represent themselves in different colours. The shades of the Karefree Hot-Saucers resemble the five flavours of the sauces. Karefree Sentai Hotsaucers stand y 13 cm tall.

All figures come with separate package with detail art-work.

Get em’ all for $167.62! Already available for pre-order HERE!

Karefree Man

There are many unsung heroes in this world, and they are the ones silently supporting the so-called “real heroes” from behind the scenes, even sacrificing themselves in the process sometimes, but yet most people are oblivious to their presence.

Like the background actor or extra known as ‘Carefree’ (/ke1 le1 fe1/) in Hong Kong’s film, TV and stage performance industries. who appear in a non-speaking or non-singing (silent) capacity to make up the backdrop of a scene.

Inspired by our unsung heroes, Untitled Fiction would like to take this opportunity to create a series of fictional characters that resonates with everyone. More importantly, we hope that all of us can pay more attention to the silent heroes of every industry; for they deserve all the encouragement and support we can offer to make them believe in their work.

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