Jellybean GID Skullhead Blank from Huck Gee in the works?!

It would definitely appear so. A Jellybean Skullhead Blank is on the way. Huck Gee has been giving his fans a little tease of his latest works, the Re:Blank over on his Instagram page (HERE), we caught a glimpse of something pink & beautiful! Looking at the hashtags #jellybean #gummi, we can only safely assume that we are soon to get Jellybean Blanks soon. Oh, and one other hashtag #gid – WAHAY! We’re getting GLOWINTHEDARK Jellybean Skullhead Blanks! Win win for all concerned!

No official details on this release yet, but once we get more info from Huck, we’ll let you know! GID JELLYBEAN BLANKS FTW!

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