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Elena Kazi´s LMNTAL

One two, one two, mic check!

Elena Kazi, Greece based artist/dj/toy designer, creator of the hip BMBOX III, just dropped an amazing new figure on her website.

Elana Kazi Lmntal 1

This one is indeed amazing. A homage to the Hip Hop culture. In a single figure Elena Kazi featured the 4 elements of hip hop. Emceeing, Graffiti, DJ-ing & Break Dancing. Beautifully done in a 3.5 inches / 8.8 cm solid piece with tasty lines. Made out of resin with 5 points of articulation and 2 accessories, vinyl record and turntable arm. Classy touch! We definitely want it in our collection (can´t resist those killer kix as well). This kind of concept is what designer toys are all about.

Let´s ready the artist´s words on it, it´s worth the ride;

Elana Kazi Lmntal 2

LMNTAL is a mechanical creature, different from what you’ve seen before! He is half robot, half  amazing and was built by a hip hop aficionado, who actually programmed him using classic hip hop records!
His creator had a really wide hip hop knowledge and was a very skilled scientist, but right before finishing programming the robot, he tragically lost his mind and was transferred to a madhouse!

Elana Kazi Lmntal 3

LMNTAL was almost ready by then, able to practice all four elements of hip hop, BUT he was missing his directive…
So… it remains a mystery what he was created for and because he was left unfinished he often glitches. For example, in several occasions he might get into battle mode abruptly, like when he hears a wack rapper rhyme! And when he hears the word “apache” he stops everything he’s doing and starts dancing!


LMNtal‘s body consists of the 4 elements of hip hop. You can even find the fifth element, engraved on his body! His head represents Emceeing. It had to be his head, since rap is the voice of hip hop. His hands represent Graffiti art, since we usually use our hands to draw and make stuff! His body represents DJ-ing. The element that started it all. The “heart” of the movement. And the legs: well, which part of his body could represent Breakin’ better than his sneakers yo?

LMNTAL is already available for a fair price of €35 (£27) at Elena Kazi´s webstore HERE.

Go ahead and turn it up! He´s ” gon‘ hit you with the right music! After all, he’s all about “peace, love, unity and having fun!”


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