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Into bootleg style designer toys? DKE has your back at SDCC 2019! As always DKE at the forefront of spreading the bootleg resin movement to the masses. Like we have sad on many occasions, DKE Toys doesn’t mess around when it comes to working with independent art toy releases from across the world.

Lazertronic Sticker Pac by Suckadelic

It’s 12 stickers in a pack. It says that they zap on the packaging. But that’s a lie. They just stick. For less than a buck each you can’t really complain. If it’s from Suckadelic you know it’s quality.

Bio: The Sucklord is a New York City Pop Artist and Television Personality known for his subversive Action Figure mashups and Reality TV Persona. Operating under the Brand SUCKADELIC, The Sucklord’s Line of self-manufactured Bootleg Toys steal shamelessly from STAR WARS, Vintage Advertising and All manner of Pop Culture Trash. Packaged in layers of ironic self-Mockery, His shoddy looking wares have inspired an entire secondary Art movement, with dozens of entrepreneurial Toy Bootleggers creating their own versions of highly referential, low-Rent interpretations of their favorite figures. The Suck-aesthetic carries over into the Sucklord’s Media Enterprise with the thoughtful-yet-raunchy Talk show, The SUCKHOUR and The Lo-Fi Sci-Fi Serial, TOY LORDS of CHINATOWN. The Sucklord has appeared on Several Reality TV programs such As BRAVO’S Work of Art: The Next Great Artist and The Dating Game, using those venues as an opportunity to create spectacular pieces of Live Performance Art. Recently The Sucklord has increased the scale of his work, putting oversized Blister-carded figures in Tokyo Art Galleries, the homes of the famously wealthy, and the Walls of downtown New York City.

Set of 122.5″ x 3.5″ Prism Stickers

Darth Bones by Mike Egan

DKE originally made Bones and Lucky sofubi by Mike Egan in Japan but we decided to go back to the drawing board and start again in resin. We were going to release the first regular version and then I thought what are we doing. This is comic con!!! So Darth Bones was born!!! 

Bio: Mike Egan is a Portland, Oregon based artist who received a BFA at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2000. After graduating Mike attended mortuary school in Pittsburgh and worked as an embalmer. While being on call as an embalmer Mike used the down time to hone his artistic style. In 2006, a friend put together a gallery show in Pittsburgh and included his paintings. He sold three the opening night and has been working with galleries all over the U.S., Canada and the UK ever since.

Hand cast and painted 8″ boxed resin figure. Signed and numbered edition of 20

Game of Wars: Lord of Winter Star by Topztoy

Topztoy in Thailand is back with a pretty great mashup of our favorite villain from the starry sky and our favorite hero from the snowy north.

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure
Signed and numbered edition of 30


Straight Out of Tatooine by Oh Anat / Kidding Toy

Thailand based artist Oh Anat from Kidding Toy has come up with a gangsta rap mashup of our favourite bounty hunter. 

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure Signed and numbered edition of 50

Wood T-1000 by Danny Wicked

Toyminator is artist Danny Wicked’s new Bootleg toy series featuring a mash up of everyone’s favorite Cyborg and Space Ranger. This is the first of a new 3 figure series with the first figure being released at SDCC 2019. The “WOOD-T-1000” is the first figure in the series and features TWO separately cast resin pieces that are hand cast and hand painted by the artist. Ole spud gets in on the gruesome action by helping WOOD-T-1000 recreate an Iconic Scene from T2. Follow Danny’s Instagram page to see progress photos as well as a teaser trailer for this Insane Bootleg toy. This Summer, Humankind’s fight against the Machines goes to Infinity….And Beyond!!!

Bio: Danny Wicked is a weirdo artist of many mediums and makes his creations out of the S.C.A.M. gallery in Salem Massachusetts.

Hand cast and painted 6″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30

Symbiotetrooper by The Katerpillar

The Katerpillar (collab team of Virva Peiko and Kill!) are back with this year’s mash up. Since creating The Katerpillar in 2012, KiLL! and Virva Peikko have made many quality art figures in resin, as well as producing comics and other strange creations. 

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 25 $55

Chewbactus by Flat Bonnie

Flat Bonnie helps raise awareness of abandoned animals, and the importance of adopting when you are ready for a new friend. A generous portion of sales is donated to bunny/animal rescue organizations monthly.

Flat Bonnie plushes are made with 100% animal-friendly products.
Instagram @flatbonnie

Regurgitated Ideas by Killer Bootlegs

This figure previously came out in 2013 and it really encapsulated the criticism of the scene. We love making fun of the medium as well. This is a new edition for 2019 with new card art and new more barf-like material.

Hand cast 6″ figure on the card back

Signed and numbered edition of 100 $25

OU-812 by Buzzard Guts

The second figure in the Star World line based on the infamous bootleg vinyl case. We have been looking forward to this figure and hope he will create the entire line.

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $55

Space Wars & Dragons by For The Love Of Old Toys

UK based artist John Norwood who sometimes goes by For The Love of Old Toys mashed up our favorite furry friend with some old sword and sorcery nonsense. 

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 25. $45.

False Idol: The Dark Lord by ADi

ADi is an Australian born artist who caught our attention with his series called False Idols. These were generally one of a kind wooden statues that reduced a characters’ traits to simple colors and geometric shapes. We sent him a package of blister samples and asked if he could do one of his designs smaller and in larger quantity for SDCC.

Hand made wooden 3.75″ figure on the card. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $75

Chanloh Sa Mou Rai by Attack Peter

Peter is best known for his linoleum block prints. He carves out an image on a linoleum sheet and presses them against a special handmade paper from Nepal called “lokta”, which almost feels like cloth. So we asked him if he could make a card back using the same process. Figure is called Chanloh Sa Mou Rai which translates to Space Samurai in Khmer (language spoken in Cambodia). 

Hand cast 3.75″ scale figure on linoleum block printed card Signed and numbered edition of 40. $80.

Captain Müstaardschnag by Acquired Taste Iindustries

Count Tastus of Acquired Taste Industries delivers his long awaited fifth figure, a mash up of our favorite cantina alien and a boldly trekking captain. As with previous releases his quality is superb. It features card art by Matt Talbot.

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure Signed and numbered edition of 25. $85.

User of the Force by Punk and Pop Toys

Argentina based artist SofiLí better know as Punk and Pop Toys came up with this fantastic mashup of two our favorite 80s Sci Fi movies. 

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $55.

El Bar2D2 by Carlos Ramirez

We found this amazing collection of rusty old metal beer cans. Carlos sculpted the parts which were cast in resin and then he hand painted and customized each one. No two cans are alike and each is a different vintage brand. Signed and numbered out of 50 on the back. Bagged with a header card. At $100 this is one of the best deals of the show. You can’t get a piece of his art for less. 

Hand-painted and cast resin parts on a rusty vintage beer can. Approximately 8″ tall. Signed and numbered edition of 50.

It’s Cardboard by Barminski

Bill Barminski is a well known fine artist whose work has been featured in Beyond the Streets LA and NYC exhibitions. His primary focus is working with cardboard. This is another example of making fun of the medium. Each piece is completely hand made and totally compostable!!

Hand-painted and constructed cardboard package. Signed and Numbered Edition of 25

Luker by Mark Todd

This is the 4th installment In Mark Todd’s STR WAS series and the first human Mark has created for the series. Card backs were printed on a reisograph to give that underground zine feel and Mark as always delivers on these hand painted beauties.

The hand cast resin was based on Mark’s own sculpt. 3.75″ scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30. $55.

Keanu by Mark Todd and Janky Toys

When Janky Toys and Mark Todd team up it equals KEANU!!! What’s funny about this series is that releasing just one of these at a time would not work conceptually. All 5 have to come out at the same time.

That’s 5 times the “whoa!”

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figures. Signed and numbered edition20 available of each style. $65.

The Great Showdowns by Scott C

The Great Showdowns are a series of paintings, art shows, and books depicting classic pop culture good guys and bad guys. This figure was sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G toys who helped bring Scott C’s characters to life.

You get two hand-cast and hand-painted resin figures on each card featuring Scott C’s signature. He also numbered them out of 50. 
DKE released Scott’s Indy figure at DCON last year that just won a Designer Toy Award. $100 each.

 Mary, Mother of God by Dogman Toys

Spencer is best known as the singing bass player of the world renowned hardcore punk band, Trash Talk. Much of his work is inspired and influenced by his punk rock root

Hand cast and painted 5″ scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 25. $65.

KRBtronic by Manly Art

In 1994, Jack Kirby passed away. In the dead of night, Hasbro took possession of his brain, as specified by a lucrative deal made in his twilight years, and it was placed in the biomechanical interface of a supercomputing art automaton. Kirbytron (as he was now referred to) was tasked with designing a new series of Star Wars action figures to try and resurrect the once lucrative toy line. In his new incarnation, Kirbytron set about this task with youthful abandon. In 1995, the Power of the Force line was released in all of its Kirby-esque, muscle-bound glory.

Early in 1996, Kirbytron’s support team came into the lab to discover he was gone. It appears that after fashioning a compact, mobile power source, he severed the cables tethering him to the lab. Kirbytron left no trail and his whereabouts are unknown to this day.

This toy features original Kirbytron artwork and a production action figure from the Power of the Force action figure line mounted on a custom card-back. This is a one of a kind piece of art and features Kirbytron’s signature day-glow colors. Don’t be fooled by the ‘Jason Chalker’ signature on the art. It’s a clever ruse to hide the true origins of the art.

Disclaimer: This is all fiction… but it sure would explain a lot!”

Artist Jason Chalker took 24 of the 90s Power of the Force Kenner Star Wars figures and created an original illustration for each one in a very distinct day glow Jack Kirby style. These figures were known for being very “bulky” so the Jack Kirby style fits. 

Jason Chalker (aka Manly Art) is a Detroit based illustrator and toy maker. He has done illustration work for Upper Deck and Topps on brands such as Marvel, Mars Attacks, and Star Wars. His Pimp2-D2 action figure line has managed to find its way into the collection at Rancho Obi-Wan and the homes of collectors around the world.

Art Trooper Series: Pablo by RYCA

Next up in RYCA’s successful line of Art Troopers. It’s Pablo, the cubist trooper.

Hand cast 3.75″ scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 50.

Start Wars by RYCA

One of his first figures from back in 2008 was his Start Wars figure of a crucified trooper. He is bringing it back in a more affordable smaller scale. $45!!!

Hand cast and painted 4″ carded figure. Signed and Numbered Edition of 50

The Amazed Spandex-Man by Anthony Lister

This is a follow up to DKE’s sold out edition 2 years ago. Anthony’s original sculpt of The Amazed Spandex-Man was cast in resin and then he hand painted each piece himself!!! Comes packaged on a signed and numbered card back with an even more amazing painting. This one is an instant classic.

Blob of the Blob by Brendan Monroe

What do you get when you ask Brendan Monroe to make an “action figure” for SDCC??? Brendan designed and hand sculpted “Blob of the Blob” in clay. They were then cast in a beautiful clear orange resin and he hand painted each piece as well!!! Comes packaged on a beautifully designed signed and numbered card back.

Hand cast and hand-painted 3.75″ scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 50. $100.

Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and Numbered Edition of 25. $120.

Hand illustrated card back with 3.75″ scale figure. Signed edition
24 pieces available. $135 each.

San Diego Comic Con 2019 at the San Diego Convention Center booth 2643 July 17-21. If you can’t make it to San Diego please email [email protected] to be placed on a waitlist for any leftovers after the show. 

SDCC 2019 July 18-21 (Preview Night: July 17)

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