So I know this isn’t a designer toy, but it’s still a sort of toy and it’s by a designer that been used on toys, so why the hell not post it.
Kronk Rat Basterd Bike
Kronk works predominantly in a vector format, producing illustrations for various campaigns, including a bunch of great dunnys for Kidrobot and an amazing watch for Vannen Watches, titled Rat Basterd.
So when local Jo’burg shop, Mike’s Bikes, picked up on the project and contacted Kronk to see if he was interested in applying the artwork to a BMC Time Machine frame, stripped of bottle cages and rear mech hanger. Cycle Art, a family-owned paint shop that has operated in Midvaal for 25 years, applied the graphics.
We think it came out looking awesome, it’s just a shame non of the TTC boys are hipster enough to ride a fixie………..ok maybe Evan.
Anyway just feast your eyes on its beauty!!

kronk rat Basterd bike frame

20140619-050249 pm-61369882.jpg

20140619-050317 pm-61397500.jpg

20140619-050331 pm-61411178.jpg

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