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Oh Happy day! To all collectors and hypebeasts out there. This week we had some excellent news from fashion japanese giant A Bathing Ape (BAPE). First the return announcement of the iconic exclusive BAPE full zip shark hoodies that got the street wear community crazy.

BAPE full zip shark hoodie

Now BAPE will launch the much awaited [email protected] 1000% figure of A BATHING APE® iconic mascot character BABY MILO®! Another amazing step in the long time collaboration with MEDICOM TOY.

The 37cm figure features Baby Milo in all his glory with an the iconic “camo” pattern packaging.

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Baby Milo will go on sale July 23rd at BAPE STORE®, www.bape.com webstore, MEDICOM TOY Store, and MEDICOM TOY online store, retailing for?37,000.

You can contact BAPE HERE for more informations on the release!


*info & pics via BAPE

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