Bad Boy Nozilla Goodzila 好吉拉 by Noger Chen of Nog Toy x Black Seed Toys x 1982 kids

After weeks of teasing it’s here and REVEALED! Noger Chen of Nog Toy x Black Seed Toys x 1982 kids are back with the badboy of Kaiju’s! Noger’s Nozilla Goodzila takes on the roll of Japanese gangsters with the iconic punch perm パンチパーマ, panchi pāma and the formidable Jacket.

 Like we said last over the past couple of years, What kaiju fans are you ready for “what you didn’t know you needed” originally designed by Noger Chen the illustration went viral earlier in the year after the illustration was part of a show. Noger’s idea behind the concept was What would represent him as a child growing up in the 80’s. Linking up with designer and soft vinyl veteran, Black Seed Toys to make Nog Toy Noger Chen’s “Goodzila 好吉拉” come to life! Who would have thought mixing Godzilla with a blast of 80’s nostalgia would work so well!

In the school days, we had good kid Nozilla, Sport king Ghinorah and smelly Henorah, and of course, a Bad boy is also an important character. The Japanese style of high school would be great to express it. After discussing the concept and sketch with Noger, Bad Boy Nozilla is in the house. The elements including ducktail, baseball stick, petty girl photo album and juice not for kids, making me feel like I’m the kid under the stick. 

首先要謝謝設計師Noger同意把Kenneth的概念加到整個系列當中。在學生時代,除了乖孩子NO吉拉,運動覇王基NO拉,臭小孩黑NO之外,壞小孩也是一個重要特色。那日本風不良少年風就在腦海出現了。飛機頭,棒球棍、日本美少女寫真跟兒童不宜的橙汁,感覺自己就是那棍下少年。有了概念後動手做了構想設計圖跟Noger討論,Bad Boy Nozilla 就出來了。可以把雙方的概念合作,真的很有趣。




WHEN: 7th Feb noon (HK time) – 23 Feb 2021

WHERE: Direct store 1982小時候 HERE. for updated authorised retailers list Use Code: IHEARTTTC for $10 off over $100 spent. (please note the code changes every month so feel free to keep checking for the latest code)
Use code TTC5 for 5% off everything except customs. (please note the code changes every month so feel free to keep checking for the latest code)

Wrong Gallery Taipei 靠邊走藝術空間

JP Toys


PRICE: estimated around $58 USD

Height: ~16cm

Delivery Date: Estimated End of May 2021 Chen Nog Toy IG: @goodzila825 and Facebook.

Follow Kenneth via Facebook at and

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