ABC CAMO SHARK [email protected]

Hypebeasts, toys lovers, designers, collectors, hustlers, flippers, devils, saints this is triple trouble! Since it’s original release back in 2015, the ABC CAMO SHARK [email protected] became one of the most sought after pieces. You have to believe the hype. Now the iconic piece is back in a triple collab between Medicom Toy, BAPE and Chogokin;

The 14.5cm tall [email protected] features BAPE® original camouflage pattern ABC CAMO and the famous SHARK HOODIE;

The magic of Chogokin allows for multiple poses with a awesome alloy feeling, much like the Daft Punk 200% set.

So how to buy this you ask? It’s a location sales only,  we’ll let BAPE give you the rundown:

*A lottery will be held to determine the order of customers’ entering the store at 9:30 a.m. on the launch date of the five stores: BAPE STORE® Harajuku, Shibuya, Osaka, BAPE KIDS® Harajuku and BAPEXCLUSIVE™ Aoyama.

Customers who arrive after the selection time will not be allowed, for any reason, to enter the selection. Note: For other stores, please ask directly at the store.
*Only limited numbers are available, so you may be unable to purchase the product even after queuing.

*In the case of queues, lotteries will be held to decide the order in which people can enter the store. (This is not a guarantee of the right to purchase.)

*Do not queue during the night or early in the morning, since this causes inconvenience to neighboring stores and residents.

*Any behavior causing inconvenience to local residents, other stores, or other customers, or attempts to jump the queue, may lead to sale of the product being discontinued immediately. Customers who fail to follow directions given by our staff will not receive tickets for the lottery or be allowed to purchase the product.

*Sales will be refused to anyone caught offering money or goods to other customers, or trying to sell or otherwise promote their own products, etc. to other customers inside or outside the store.

*Buyers must pay with their own money.

*Payments on behalf of groups will not be accepted.

Tell us if you got some! Good luck to all!

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