8-Bit Zombie’s Original Thrashor returns

28/08/10!!! Save the date! 8-Bit Zombie’s Original Thrashor returns! The iconic 8-Bit Zombie brand mascot will be available once again in the form that started it all. The true 8 bit metal/punk/skater zombie with those MOTU vibes with amazing details such as the infamous power glove and “flip-brim” hat is must have for all collectors. I love it!

Thrashor is a factory produced, fully painted, fully articulated, retro packaged, small run, vinyl action figure. Priced at $75.

Comes complete with power glove and skateboard accessory.

In the case you’re not familiar with Thrashor, or 8-Bit Zombie, the man himself was kind enough to do a complete history and guide to Thrashor on 8-Bit Zombie social media. We leave you with a copy paste of this epic tale:

Aug. 2012 – Thrashor is born! Earlier that year I had the idea to do a He-Man character/toy parody tee design, specifically a zombie. The thought of creating my own MOTU character was super appealing. I pitched the idea to my bud & long-time collaborator @thew and he was all for it! So we began brainstorming & Matt began sketching. Somewhere along the line, I had the idea to not only feature a toy, but the packaging as well. A daunting task for Matt! But one which he absolutely nailed. So well in fact, that it may be the reason that Thrashor eventually became a toy.

(More on that later) Matt & I spent quite a bit of time on Thrashor’s look & feel. We knew we wanted him to be a zombie with some NES references & have a metal/punk/skater edge. Green skin was a no-brainer. And I think the black vest & “Chucks” were an early choice too. Thrashor’s hat was a great compliment to the vest & was also a nod to the brand, as 8BZ was well know for “flip-brim” hats at that time. The Power Glove was an early addition too, I think, as it had become a symbol for 8BZ. Finally the skateboard, as an accessory, was a perfect fit. We used the “Pixel Skeletor” that I had previously created for the old website as the deck graphic. Thrashor had all come together. Except for his name! We couldn’t find anything that really seemed to fit. Days passed by with no real winners. Then, in a true “light bulb” moment, I pulled “THRASHOR” out of thin air. There was no question, it was this Eternian skater punk zombie’s name.

The design got an amazing response & people just seemed to gravitate towards Thrashor. Soon enough he would be featured on lunchboxes, patches, stickers, pins and a slew of other tees. Thrashor quickly became a brand mascot! This design would also be the start of an entire series of “80’s Toy Parody” tees. I love all the characters Matt & I created over the next few years, but Thrashor still stands out as both a fan favorite & my own.

July 2013 – From Tee To Toy: As previously mentioned, @thew had done such an amazing job on the tee illustration that it caught the eye of toy maker extraordinaire Scott @Wetterschneider of @ShinboneCreative. The over-all look and design of Thrashor and his packaging was so fully realized that you couldn’t help but imagine it as a real toy. Scott proposed the idea of turning 2D Thrashor into a 3D toy and I was ALL about it! He set to work sculpting Thrashor using both the tee design and original MOTU figures as reference. The end result was absolute perfection and it wasn’t long before that digital model was turned into a prototype, and then into the first run of 50 resin Thrashor figures. Being solid resin, there was no articulation but they sure did look and feel amazing. Those sold like gangbusters and glow-in-the-dark variants followed later that year. I couldn’t have been more pleased and would have happily continued with more resin figures. But Scott suggested we take Thrashor to a whole new level…

‘July 2014 – Resin To Vinyl: After much prepping and planning, Thrashor got a MAJOR upgrade. He went from solid resin, produced at a small shop in in the states, to fully articulated and painted, factory-produced vinyl. Thrashor also came full-circle in an amazing way. The packaging depicted in the original tee design finally came to life as well. Matt and I spent a lot of time on the cardback to make sure it was a pitch-perfect call-back to 80’s MOTU. We altered his tee design for the front art and created a whole new layout for the back, including killer new header art. It was a blast working with Matt on the packaging. The original color scheme hit shelves first, to again be followed by some amazing glow-in-the-dark variants (“Toxic Glow” & “Ghost Glow”) later that year.

Holding that first fully packaged vinyl Thrashor was definitely a high point in the brand for me and one I’m not sure will ever be topped. Being the 80’s nostalgia obsessed person that I am, having my very own 80’s action figure was, and still is, an absolute dream come true. Still blows my mind just thinking about it. And none of it would have happened without @thew or @wetterscheider! It’s kinda crazy how easily it all fell into place. Almost like Thrashor was out there, just waiting for someone to bring him to life… Thrashor would go on to be featured on many pieces of merch and even star in his own video game. But I suppose that’s a whole other post! Hope some of you found this look back at Thrashor’s origins interesting. I’m beyond excited to bring him back and give everyone another chance to own this amazing action figure.

Now you’re up to speed. Now you know that the legend returns 8/28 only at

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