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Tomodachi Istand new releases!

Tomodachi Island keeps on deliver her style is unique, lovable and cute. Her productions are top notch with an aesthetic only possible for a seasoned artist that puts her heart and mind into the creations. We won’t get tired of repeating those words, Emelie Jensen will for sure melt your heart, with her toys or life in general!

There are two new custom 7.5″ Kidrobot Trikky;

Meet NOA;


Hand sculpted, painted with acrylics and finished withe a Matte UV protective varnish.


Perfect and cute! You now the deal!

And now the sweet LUDOVICA;


Hand sculpted, painted with acrylics and finished withe a Matte UV protective varnish.


Both already available at Tomodachi Island webshop HERE, for £175 each!

Also the  “Slumbering Guardians” series continues, this time as 1.5″ Wooden pins/brooches.



“Nousagi is a little bit different from the rest of the Guardians of Tomodachi Island. He is very hard to spot as he is camouflaged as a pine cone. But when you really need him he will be there for you. He watches in silence and helps you to dig down deep to find what it is that is bothering you. No matter what it may be he will help you to feel like you again.”



shika“Shika brings good fortune and riches to those who carry him with them. You can find him deep down in the sooty mines of Tomodachi Island. Here he can help those who search for riches to find what they are looking for. These riches don’t always come in gold and treasures however. He will help you to see what riches truly are.”shika-2



“The Colossus can be found at and around the Toketsu Mountain at Tomodachi Island. As the sun sets you can hear his lullaby echoing through out the island. He watches over the island as the creatures that live there sleep. He is a guardian of the night and keep dark thoughts and nightmares away.”




“This is Tweedle-Hoot. A owling creature of Tomodachi Island. He is pretty small but holds allot of power. This owling in particular protects the heart of those a little fragile. Carry him with you when you feel unsure and scared and he will give you the strength that you need to finish whatever it is your are scared of.”




“Koshi-Ki is a forest spirit that is known for his protective powers and guidance. He protects those who’s minds have strayed. Those who feel lost and in need of a guide to help them back on the right path. He will stay close to you for as long as you might need him and only those who are in need of his help can see him.”


Available HERE for £8 a piece!

You can find Emilie’s  work over at , and Instagram: @tomodachiisland.

Have a sweet weekend!


*pics via Tomodachi Island.

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