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The Bird of Death Visits DesignerCon 2018

What better character could we pick to serve as a celebrator of death than Coarse’s Omen?   Rob Ramirez brings his Dia De Los Muertos line of customs to Coarse with this spectacular “Pájaro De La Muerte” (Death Bird) for Designer Con 2018.  This piece is one-of-a-kind and only available at Rob Ramirez’s booth #2541 at Designer Con. Ramirez’s 8″ Omen displays the classical Mexican style used in the celebrations of November 1st and 2nd as the Days of the Dead. One of the most common symbols of this holiday is a skull – often worn as a mask, as he does – to commemorate the lives of the children and adults passed from this Earth! With beautiful colors and hand-painted lines, the skulls and embellishments pop creating a stunning representation of Ramirez’s vision.  This beautiful tribute to lives passed parallels the somber tone of the Omen in Coarse’s passage, helping to deliver passengers to the island of the void, sounding familiarly like the historically common belief that after death, one needed coins to pay the ferryman who takes you to your eternal destination.  Yes, this Omen seems to be cheerfully celebrating the Day of the Dead and will be happy to share his cheer at DCon with you!
Bird of Death Custom Omen DCon 2018 Bird of Death Custom Omen DCon 2018
If you’re interested in seeing this Omen in person or even in taking him home with you, be sure to visit Rob (ink_visuals) Ramirez at his booth (2541) at Designer Con November 16-18 in Anaheim, CA.  Interested in learning more about the upcoming DCon?  Check it out here!
Like this custom?  Ramirez has a lot more to show!  Head to his website and Instagram to keep up with his latest releases and browse through his past accomplishments.



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