Teeny Tiny Terry one-offs by Baphomet Toys

All hail trick or treat!!!

It’s not halloween yet but we’re dreaming of it. What better way to go treat or treatin’ than with your best palls? Get yourself the best backup for this task with the first of the “treaters” series from Baphomet Toys. Two inches of pure soft vinyl treats painted by Creator of Eye Podd and co-owner of baphomet_toys Nathan and the mighty Milkman Nate McCartney.

No two are the same. We love them. This is a blind box release and we’re glad. We couldn’t just pick one.

This trick or treat begins July 31st at 7pm PST at baphomettoys.com.


Baphomet Toys at INSTAGRAM and baphomettoys.com.

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